Analysis: Voters make surprise move in Prosecutor election


Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist emailed a letter to his supporter just hours after the polls closed on the primary election Tuesday. That email provided a link to a guest editorial in the Tacoma Weekly News that he called incorrectly an article. The guest editorial has since been removed from our website to avoid further confusion about news articles that have been vetted by journalists versus the work of writers who use our pages to express their opinions.

The Tacoma Weekly News promotes the free distribution and discussion of ideas from a wide range of viewpoints through its guest editorial system. The inclusion of those opinions was not, are not and will not speak for the Tacoma Weekly News editorial board nor acts as endorsements of this ideas, statements or the candidates that guest opinion writers either support or oppose.

The Tacoma Weekly News has not endorsed Lindquist’s bid to remain in office.

The majority of Pierce County voters in the primary election have voiced their opinion about him as well. Mary Robnett, a former chief criminal deputy prosecutor and assistant attorney general in the state’s Sexually Violent Predators unit, received 55 percent of the vote to unseat Lindquist. It speaks volumes that a newcomer to the chess match that is local politics has been able to match Lindquist’s campaign machine dollar for dollar as well as gain the endorsements of law enforcement officers from Tacoma, Pierce County and State Patrol troopers.

One particular endorsement of Robnett comes from former Prosecutor Gerry Horne, the man who tapped Lindquist to replace him and has since regretted that decision, “Mary is ethical, tough and fair – exactly what the Prosecuting Attorney’s office needs after Lindquist. She’ll lift the cloud over the prosecutor’s office and remove the taint of politics that has pervaded there.”

There is no doubt that the campaign ahead will be brutal as the Nov. 6 general election inches closer. Some of that bloodbath will most certainly splatter onto the pages of the Tacoma Weekly. Democracy is a messy business. But we can hope that if Lindquist truly wants to serve the residents of Pierce County that he will reflect on the voice of the primary voters. They want change.

Either Lindquist can be that change in his own office or the voters of the county will make that change themselves by electing Robnett to unseat him.

Lindquist’s post-primary email suggests the latter might be in order.

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  1. Whether Tacoma Weekly backs Lindquist by publishing a steady stream of taxpayer-funded news-like publications from his spokesman apparently depends on what side of the bed Tacoma Weekly woke up on today.

    In print and online, through news-like PR articles and tweets on, nobody publishes Mr. Lindquist’s name and face more than Tacoma Weekly.

    Their claim that no formal endorsement exists reveals deeper problems with the editorial leadership of Tacoma Weekly.

    Far from a community forum where the clearest and fairest thought is featured, it’s eminently obvious they’re in it for the clicks.

  2. Get ready Tacoma Weekly, you are about to get bullied for posting this “Analysis”…. keep your journalistic integrity by keeping the public posted.

  3. Lindquist’s political aspirations have tainted his performance as a prosecutor and he needs to be replaced for the good of the people of Pierce County.

  4. Way to go John Weymer! Mark Lindquist has does some good, for sure. However, his integrity seems to have gone out the window. Or, maybe was never really there. Consistency is key…integrity is a MUST. He has proven himself to be an unscrupulous opportunist. It is a shame when one with such talent jeopardizes others, himself, and his future in such a manner. He was his own worst enemy. If he has his ‘followers’ harass the Weekly…well, it just shows desperation on his part.

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