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We’ve heard about a company called Comeback Sports for quite some time and finally caught up with the folks who run this great outfit. If you have ever thought about joining a sports league, but figured you were too old, or maybe too out of shape, these folks just might offer exactly what you’re looking for. It really does seem like a great way to meet some new friends around the Tacoma area, and perhaps even burn off a little fat while you’re at it.

Tacoma Weekly hit up Dave Mensonides, one of the founders and owners of Comeback Sports with a handful of questions.

Tacoma Weekly: How long has Comeback Sports been in operation in the South Sound and where did it get its start?

Dave Mensonides: “Comeback Sports was established in 2009. Myself along with two other friends started it after we graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2008. We had heard of other adult sports leagues in various cities around the country and realized the need of having one locally in the South Sound. Going on almost 10 years now, it was the best decision we ever made.” 

TW: What would you say is the mission statement of Comeback Sports?

DM: “Bringing together adults in the community who want to have fun through a variety of sports, while emphasizing health, sportsmanship, and teamwork.” 

TW: How many sports do you cover and what are your more popular activities?

DM: “We cover over nine different sports in various formats. We offer social sports like dodgeball and kickball leagues and also have more competitive sports like soccer and flag football. Our most popular activities are easily softball, volleyball, bowling and soccer.”

TW: Does the sports offerings change throughout the year? Give us some examples.

DM: “The sports offerings do change throughout the year. Our outdoor soccer runs year-round along with flag football, while softball runs spring, summer and late summer for three seasons total. Dodgeball, bowling and golf are also seasonal.”

TW: What sort of ages are you targeting?

DM: “We are an adults-only league. You have to be 18 and older to participate. Our average age is usually around 30, but certain sports favor older crowds, like our softball and bowling leagues.

TW: It’s a busy world out there. What is the draw to get people to carve out some time in their lives and join a league?

DM: “Most of the people joining Comeback Sports have either a health/fitness goal or they are looking to meet friends. We have a ton of players that are military or have moved to the area and are looking for a community to be involved with socially.”

TW: Do you have to be in great shape to get involved? Is this maybe the sort of thing that helps people pick it up a little bit with their health or exercise?

DM: “We cater to all fitness levels and most leagues have two divisions, beginner and intermediate. We form a house team for every single sport and season we run, that guarantees free agents new to the league a spot on our team.”

TW: Any exciting stuff coming up soon?

DM: “We host our annual Party Deck at The Rainiers’ game on Friday, June 15th.  Tickets are 21+ and include all you can eat/drink and the game. We also have our Coed Classic Soccer Tournament on Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15, which is part of Lakewood’s Summer Fest.”

TW: Where can folks go and who do they contact to get involved with Comeback Sports?

DM: “You can check us out online at: www.comebacksports.com. You can sign up online or contact us at the office (253) 326-5168. team@comebacksports.com.”

One of Comeback Sports’ league managers had this to add: “When I started working here five-plus years ago, I didn’t consider myself a ‘sports’ person anymore,” said Vanessa Eskelin. “But that’s what Comeback Sports is all about. I can’t imagine my life without my weekly dodgeball and kickball games. It gets me out and moving when I normally don’t feel like it and I’ve met so many incredible friends in our league, I also met my husband in the league. We are all about having a great experience, being healthy, teamwork and most important, community.”

Summer volleyball will commence on Thursday, June 7. Men’s softball league takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning Wednesday, June 20. Co-ed softball takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and will begin on Monday, June 18. Summer kickball kicks off on Thursday, June 28.

Get out there Tacoma!

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