Just when we thought we were finally over the disappearance of Percival, our prize-winning pothole pig, we have found ourselves with another missing Tacoma Weekly critter. It seems as though Carter the Crater Gator has either went into hiding (do gators hibernate?), or possibly split town. Whatever the case, we need your help finding our little buddy.

Perhaps we let it be known for too long that if Percival were to ever return to us, there would just be no way that we could afford to keep Carter on the payroll. When you’re dealing with a celebrity like Percival, the high-grade slop he demanded made it rather tough on our bottom line.

Frankly, we’re just hoping and praying that Carter waddles his way back into our office and more importantly, back into our hearts.

Please be on the lookout for Carter. If you see him, or hear of his whereabouts, please contact the Tacoma Weekly as soon as possible. We are also on the lookout for some of Tacoma’s best (worst) potholes. If you see a remarkable road divot out there, please send the info to Justin at jgimse@tacomaweekly.com.

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