64th and A Street


Just when we thought he had headed back to his swamp, Carter the Crater Gator came waddling back into the office. While he wouldn’t disclose the reason for his recent disappearance, his two rows of impressive teeth were framed by a rather sheepish grin.

Now if that darn Pothole Pig would do the same thing.

After appearing on the side of area milk cartons for months and months, we’ve come to the realization that our beloved Percival, the Pothole Pig, is probably not coming home to us. The celebrated swine has either found a new life somewhere else, or perhaps became a delicious and nutritious part of someone’s breakfast at some point.

Whatever the case, we will miss him and be forever in his debt as his dedication to the City of Destiny led to so many nasty potholes being filled.

This week, Carter the Crater Gator found another impressive road mess to stretch out in. To be honest, we’ve had a difficult time with this critter. Along with disappearing for a week, he just can’t seem to get over the fact that he’ll always be second-fiddle when compared with Percival. He has threatened to “pull a Percival” and disappear, and it looks as though he has no problems making good on that threat.

With this in mind, we are still in the process of trying out new pothole seeking varmints. If you’ve got any ideas, please send them to jgimse@tacomaweekly.com.

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