9-22-17 B Nightlife Pick
TW PICK OF THE WEEK: On Saturday, Sept. 23 head out to Cultura Events Center in Tacoma (5602 S. Washington St.) and hear more than 30 hit songs from two legendary bands! Back to the Pacific Northwest for the first time in five years, welcome Jack Russell’s Great White, on tour playing all the hit songs the band made famous. This show is sure to sell out. You can also revisit the legend of Steppenwolf, featuring The Born To Be Wild Tour with former members of Steppenwolf and other rock icons. With new releases about to surface from both bands, this will be one of the last chances to see these guys live at such a low price and intimate venue. In addition to this, you’ll experience the fantastic music of special guests One Sultry Day and Thozz Guyzz. VIP tix offer you the chance to meet the bands, get pics/autographs, and enjoy a view of the concert from above the stage while being catered to with a private bar, food and special seating. Military receive a $5 refund on general admission tickets when you present your military I.D. at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m., show starts at 6:30. Learn more at

Friday, Sept. 22

DAWSON’S: Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method (alt blues) 9 p.m.

JAZZBONES: Varitease, Champagne Sunday, Mirrorgloss (burlesque and rock) 8 p.m., $20-$25

KEYS ON MAIN: Dueling pianos, 9 p.m., NC

PANTAGES: Molly Hardin (music and dance) 8 p.m., $15-$66

STONEGATE: True Romans (rock) 9 p.m.

THE SWISS: Giants in the Trees, Sasquatch (rock) 9 p.m., $10-$15

REAL ART TACOMA: LiL BiBBy (hip hop) 8 p.m., $25

TACOMA COMEDY: Drew Lynch (comedy) 7:30 p.m.,      10:30 p.m., $20-$27, early show 18+, late show 21+

SATORI: Lemolo, Colonies (dream pop), 7 p.m.,

UNCLE SAM’S: Cracker Box (rock) 8 p.m.

UNIVERSITY OF PUGET SOUND: A Centennial Celebration of Jazz (jazz) 7:30 p.m., $15

WASHINGTON STATE FAIR: Earth, Wind & Fire (soul)    7:30 p.m., $45-$80

Saturday, Sept. 23

PANTAGES: The Capitol Steps (satirical political music) 7:30 p.m., $19-$69

AIRPORT TAVERN: Big Wheel Stunt Show, ANTIHERO, The Hard Money Saints, Stoned Evergreen Travelers (rock)         8 p.m., $5

BLUE OCTOPUS: Jeff & Jessie (acoustic indie folk alt) 8 p.m., NC

CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING: Music to celebrate, Inspire and Transform (healing, Celtic, chants) 7 p.m.

DAWSON’S: Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method (alt blues) 9 p.m.

DOYLE’S PUBLIC HOUSE: Naughty Sweethearts (punk funk rags) 10 p.m.

KEYS ON MAIN: Dueling pianos, 9 p.m., NC

LOUIE G’S:  Lindstorm & the Limit, Strawberry Rocket, Wynne C Blue and Her Troublefakers, George the Band, Jacob Vanknowe, Karma’s Playbook, Shades of Static, Downglow, Lust Punch, Asterhouse, Eric Puddin Lorentzen (rock), 2 p.m., AA, $10-$15

MALARKEY’S POOL HALL: Black Planet (industrial) 9 p.m., $5

REAL ART TACOMA: Kung Foo Grip, Remember Face, Stood (hip hop), 8 p.m., AA, $8

ROCK THE DOCK: Not My Tempo (rock) 8 p.m.

THE SPAR: These Fine Moments (blues) 8 p.m., NC

STONEGATE: Avengers UK (rock) 9 p.m.

THE SWISS: Hairstorm (80s) 9 p.m., $10

TACOMA COMEDY: John Heffron (comedy) 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m., $24-$32, early show 18+, late show 21+

UNCLE SAM’S: Juliet Tango (rock) 8` p.m.

THE VALLEY: American Wrecking Company, Deathbed Confessions, Helles, Dilapidation (metal) 8 p.m., donation

WASHINGTON STATE FAIR: Marlon Wayans (comedy) 7:30 p.m., $30-$40

Sunday, Sept. 24

WASHINGTON STATE FAIR: Jason Aldean, Kane Brown (country) 7:30 p.m., $100-$150

DAWSON’S: Tim Hall Band (open jam) 8 p.m., NC

JOHNNY’S DOCK RESTAURANT & MARINA: Dave Roberts Band (sailboats and palm trees) 5 p.m.

NEW FRONTIER: Electric Bluegrass, 4 p.m., NC

THE SPAR: These Fine Moments (blues) 8 p.m., NC

TACOMA COMEDY: John Heffron (comedy) 8 p.m., early show 18+, $20-$28

THE SPAR: Rod Cook & Toast (blues) 7 p.m., NC

THE SWISS: Kareem Kandi Band (jazz) 5 p.m.

UNCLE SAM’S: Final Notice with Bob Evans (rock) 7 p.m.

THE VALLEY: The Prophets of Addiction, Baby and the Nobodies, HellBelly (rock) 8:00 p.m., donation

Monday, Sept. 25

TACOMA COMEDY: Val Kilmer Live: Cinema Twain (comedy) 8 p.m., early show 18+, $32-$75

JAZZBONES: Rockaraoke (live band karaoke) 7 p.m., NC

UNCLE SAM’S: Bartlett on bass (jam) 7 p.m., NC

Tuesday, Sept. 26

DAWSON’S: Billy Stoops (acoustic jam) 8 p.m., NC

GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN CHURCH: Tacoma TotemAires Barbershop Chorus (barber shop) 7 p.m.

THE SWISS: Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz (trivia) 8 p.m., NC

TACOMA COMEDY: New Talent Tuesday (comedy) 8 p.m., NC, 18+

UNCLE SAM’S: SOS Band (jam) 7 p.m., NC

Wednesday, Sept. 27

DAWSON’S: Linda Myer’s Band (R&B, blues, jazz) 8 p.m., NC

JOESEPPIS ITALIAN RISTORANTE: Robin Miller-Richardson (piano and vocals) 5:30 p.m.

NEW FRONTIER: Open mic, 8 p.m., NC

STONEGATE: Leify Green (open mic) 8 p.m., NC

TACOMA COMEDY: Comedy open mic, 8 p.m., NC, 18+

UNCLE SAM’S: Subvinyl Jukebox or Rock Jam (jam) 7 p.m., NC

Thursday, Sept. 28

LOUIE G’S:  Lia Menaker (singer songwriter), 2 p.m., AA, NC

THE AGAVES GRILL: Ed Taylor Band (jazz), 6 p.m.

DAWSON’S: Billy Shew Band (open jam) 8 p.m., NC

KEYS ON MAIN: Dueling pianos, 9 p.m., NC

PACIFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY: National Lutheran Choir (choral) 6 p.m., NC

PRARIE LINE TRAIL: Novel Nature, Bryson Foster Band, Caleb Jermaine Barsh, UWT Student Hannah Cho (alt)        7 p.m., NC

ROCK THE DOCK: Open Mic with Dustin (rock) 8 p.m.

STONEGATE: Power Rock Jam (rock jam) 8 p.m., NC

THE SWISS: M.T. Tank and the Gas Guzzlers (country) 8 p.m., NC

TACOMA COMEDY: Chad Daniels (comedy) 8 p.m., $10-$16, 18+

UNCLE SAM’S: Jerry Miller (rock, blues) 7 p.m.

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