Touring in support of their release “Fix History,” Olympia-based Teach Me Equals will be playing at Rocket Records, 3823 6th Ave., Tacoma on Aug. 4, 2:30 p.m. The duo consists of a wild man cello player and a spry woman on guitar, violin and vocals. Erin Murphy (guitar, violin, vocals) and Greg Bortnichak (cello, programming, vocals) came together as Teach Me Equals in Sarasota, Fla. in 2011. They’ve built a reputation as relentless road-warriors since the 2014 release of their debut LP “Knives In The Hope Chest.” The music on “Fix History” encapsulates the overwhelming anxiety and sheer terror the band experienced while touring the U.S. over these turbulent past few years. Brief as it is, “Fix History” is a fully immersive listening experience that runs the gauntlet of human emotion. An abstract-impressionist representation of deep, almost inexpressible concerns, the record reflects the seemingly endless trauma so many of us share at this moment in history. For information visit

Upcoming Shows:

Friday, Aug. 3

EMERALD QUEEN: Pat Benatar (rock) 8:30 p.m.
EMERALD QUEEN BRIDGE NIGHTCLUB: Nite Crew (dance tunes) 9 p.m.
HARMON TAP ROOM: Johnny the Capo, The Bad Boys (rock, blues) 7 p.m.
JAZZBONES: Kalimba (Earth Wind and Fire tribute) 8 p.m.
LOUIE G’S: Larry Mitchell, Late September Dogs, Suite Clarity (rock, blues) 8 p.m.
THE PLAID PIG: Sun Mother, The Thrill, Fortress of the Bear, Jesse Jay Allen Band (rock, punk, experimental) 9 p.m.
PYTHIAN TEMPLE: Paul Gonzenbach, Masc Acting, Arizona Gibson (live music) 7 p.m.
ROCK THE DOCK: The Far Field (rock) 8 p.m.
THE SAFE HOUSE: Lung, Are they Brothers, Sinbound, Buff Muff (punk) 6 p.m.
STINK: Erina McGann (singer/songwriter) 7 p.m.
THE SWISS: Island Bound, Unified Culture (reggae) 9 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Josh Blue (comedy) 7:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: That Robbie Boy (rock) 7 p.m.
THE VALLEY: Paul Mars Black (rock) 9 p.m.
WINGMAN BREWERS: Rusty Cleavers (bluegrass) 8 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 4

BROWNS POINT IMPROVEMENT CLUB: Tod Lemkuhl (singer/songwriter) 5:30 p.m.
BOB’S JAVA JIVE: Candy Shoppe (pop) 9 p.m.
EMERALD QUEEN BRIDGE NIGHTCLUB: Nite Crew (dance tunes) 9 p.m.
THE PLAID PIG: Tartar Control, Hilltop Rats, The Fibs, Ain’t Got Time to Bleed (rock, punk, experimental) 9 p.m.
POINT RUSTON: Champagne Sunday (indie pop) 5 p.m.
PROCTOR ARTS FEST: Performers on three stages (all genres) starting 11 a.m.
REAL ART TACOMA: Strangers, Deathbreaker, Tigerhawk, Sleeper 72, Cut Both Ways (punk, hardcore) 7 p.m.
ROCKET RECORDS: Teach Me Equal, Granite Waves (metal, sludge) 3 p.m.
STONEGATE: Catatone, Forsaken Fortress, Variety Pack (rock) 8 p.m.
THE SWISS: Kryboys (pop-rock) 9 p.m.
TACOMA BUDDHIST TEMPLE: Taiko Drumming (Japanese drumming for Bon Odori) 4:30 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Rodney Sherwood (comedy) 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m.
THE VALLEY: The Purrs, The Groove Colony, Hail the Pilot (rock) 9 p.m.

Sunday, Aug. 5

JAZZBONES: Cash’d Out, John Hamhock and the Enablers (Johnny Cash tribute) 8 p.m.
JOHNNY’S DOCK: Little Bill Trio (blues) 5 p.m.
THE SPAR: T-Town Aces (blues) 7 p.m.
STONEGATE: Country Music Jam (jam) 5 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Rodney Sherwood (comedy) 8 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Final Notice with Bob Evans (country, rock, bluegrass) 7 p.m.

Monday, Aug. 6

ODD OTTER: Dave Hannon (singer/songwriter) 8 p.m.
THE SWISS: Open Mic Night (open mic) 7 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: CBC Band (jam) 7 p.m.

Tuesday, Aug. 7

METRONOME: Open Mic (open mic) 7 p.m.
STONEGATE: Blues Jam with Roger Williamson (blues) 8 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: New Talent Tuesday (comedy) 8 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: SOB Band (jam) 7 p.m., NC

Wednesday, Aug. 8

OLD TOWN PARK: Pontiac Alley (Americana, country) 6:30 p.m.
STONEGATE: Open Mic with Justin McDonald (open mic) 9 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Open Mic (comedy) 8 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Subvinyl Jukebox (jam) 7 p.m., NC

Thursday, Aug. 9

ALMA MATER: Kristen Marlo, Kurt Lindsey, Angie Lynn, Luke Stanton (singer/songwriter) 7 p.m.
ROCK THE DOCK: Open Mic with Dustin (rock) 8 p.m.
STONEGATE: Power Rock Jam (rock jam) 8 p.m., NC
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Gary Owen (comedy) 8 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Jerry Miller (rock, blues) 7 p.m.

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