TW Pick of the Week: Environmental Encroachment at the Swiss

Chicago-based street brass band Environmental Encroachment (EE) will be appearing at the Swiss on July 13, 9 p.m. This year’s tour is themed “You Promised Us Yetis.” Mike Smith, EE’s bandleader, has had a fascination with cryptozoology, especially Sasquatch and Yeti. While in Washington state, EE hopes to come into contact with the area’s most fabled cryptid, using percussive patterns and sound to communicate with it – an attempt at crashing a Sasquatch-Yeti reunion. Regardless of any successful Sasquatch communications, EE hopes to delight new audiences in the area as well as those who are familiar with its regular visits to Puget Sound’s HONK! Fest West brass band festival since 2008, alongside such local brass-band heroes as Chaotic Noise Marching Corps (Seattle) and Artesian Rumble Arkestra (Olympia), to name but two. Environmental Encroachment uses a mobile band, costumes, and antics to create unique entertainment environments. EE’s mission is to create playgrounds for the body and mind through dance, music and art. EE is part of a new genre of music; a “HONK band”. HONK! Festivals include “street-style” bands from around the world that are acoustic, mobile, mostly brass and drum, musical entourages. For information visit

Upcoming shows:

Friday, July 6

AIRPORT TAVERN: Slum Village, Illmac, Tha Wurm, Keif Urban, DJ Semaj (DJ, hip hop) 9 p.m.
EMERALD QUEEN BRIDGE NIGHTCLUB: Chapter 5 (dance tunes) 9 p.m.
ODD OTTER: Open mic with Sarah Champion (open mic) 8 p.m.
PACIFIC BREWING: Kareem Kandi Band (jazz) 7 p.m.
THE PLAID PIG: Gore Cauldron, PCP, Owl-Dent, Tax Evader (metal) 9 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Cory Michaelis (comedy) 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: The Remedy (rock) 7 p.m.

Saturday, July 7

CHENEY STADIUM: Soundwave Music Festival (multi-genre) 2 p.m.
EMERALD QUEEN BRIDGE NIGHTCLUB: Chapter 5 (dance tunes) 9 p.m.
JAZZBONES: Randy Hansen Band (rock, Hendrix tribute) 9 p.m.
NEW FRONTIER LOUNGE: Retrospecter, Dusty, Fluung, Cocoon (rock) 9 p.m.
ODD OTTER: Padre Paul and the Growlers (singer/songwriter) 8 p.m.
THE PLAID PIG: Violent Hallucinations, Darkness Stole the Sky, Ancestors of God (metal) 9 p.m.
POINT RUSTON: Miller Campbell (country) 5 p.m.
ROCK THE DOCK: The Elevators (rock) 8 p.m.
STINK CHEESE AND MEAT: The Grasping Straws, Annie Woodward (psychedelic art clock) 7 p.m.
STONEGATE: 1984 (rock) 9 p.m.
THE SWISS: Kryboys (80s music) 9 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Cory Michaelis (comedy) 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Mojo Madness (rock) 7 p.m.
THE VALLEY: The Cutthroat Brothers, Planet of Giants, Eljun (punk) 8 p.m.

Sunday, July 8

ART ON THE AVE: Multiple artists (multiple genre) 11 a.m.
EMERALD QUEEN CASINO: George Thorogood and the Destroyers (rock) 7 p.m.
STONEGATE: Country Music Jam (jam) 5 p.m.
THE SWISS: Blinded by Color (rock) 4:30 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Final Notice with Bob Evans (country, rock, bluegrass) 7 p.m.
WW SEYMOUR CONSERVATORY: Kareem Kandi Band (jazz) 1 p.m.

Monday, July 9

REAL ART TACOMA: The Northern, Sleep Walker, As Pillars Fall, Prying Free, Namea (metal) 7:30 p.m.
THE SWISS: Open Mic Night (open mic) 7 p.m.
TED BROWN: Jennifer Batten (rock) 6 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Bartlett on bass (jam) 7 p.m.

Tuesday, July 10

METRONOME: Open Mic (open mic) 7 p.m.
STONEGATE: Blues Jam with Roger Williamson (blues) 8 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: New Talent Tuesday (comedy) 8 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: SOB Band (jam) 7 p.m., NC

Wednesday, July 11

OLD TOWN: Mark Kroos (rock) 6:30 p.m.
STONEGATE: Open Mic with Justin McDonald (open mic) 9 p.m.
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Open Mic (comedy) 8 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Subvinyl Jukebox (jam) 7 p.m., NC
THE VALLEY: The Kennedy Veil, Aethereus, The Devils of Loudun (progressive death metal) 7 p.m.

Thursday, July 12

INDOCHINE: Ian Ayers (reggae) 6 p.m.
ROCK THE DOCK: Open Mic with Dustin (rock) 8 p.m.
THE SAFE HOUSE: Anxious Arms, Fake It (punk) 6 p.m.
STONEGATE: Power Rock Jam (rock jam) 8 p.m., NC
TACOMA COMEDY CLUB: Jay Mohr (comedy) 7:30 p.m.
UNCLE SAM’S: Jerry Miller (rock, blues) 7 p.m.
THE VALLEY: X Suns, Catapult the Dead (post metal) 8 p.m.

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