Washington Connections Academy Opens Enrollment for 2019-20 School Year


Tumwater, Wash. (March 4, 2019) – Washington Connections Academy, a tuition-free, state-wide, online public school, announces open enrollment for the 2019-20 school year. The school, which served over 1600 students in grades K-11 across the state during the 2018-19 school year, offers a flexible learning option to accommodate the needs of the modern student and grants families the ability to personalize and monitor their student’s education. Washington Connections Academy will begin serving students in grade 12 in the upcoming school year.

“This is the first year our school will serve the full spectrum of students in grades K-12,” said Mike Lunde, principal at Washington Connections Academy. “We look forward to helping each student reach their full academic potential and graduate our first senior class in 2020.”

Washington Connections Academy provides a flexible education option for a diverse group of students, including competitive athletes with strict training schedules, previously homeschooled students looking for a higher caliber of teacher support, and other students seeking expanded course offerings and a more challenging workload, among others.

With advanced technology and a rigorous curriculum, state-certified teachers work closely with students to develop individualized learning plans that nurture strengths and provide additional support in areas of need. Recent research of the Connections Academy online schools provides evidence that Connections Academy students can attain the same level of achievement as traditional brick-and-mortar schools serving similar students, and that students may be better positioned in Connections Academy schools than other virtual schools. See efficacy report for details.

Outside of the virtual classroom, students can enjoy socialization opportunities through a number of in-person school-organized events, and through participation in online clubs and activities and online classroom sessions. Washington Connections Academy extracurricular clubs range from art and gaming and technology to career prep and science. The school also hosts numerous field trips and in-person events, including volunteer service opportunities, to help build community among students.

“Since enrolling in Washington Connections Academy, I’ve regained my love of learning,” said Connor McCoy, a freshman student enrolled with the school since sixth grade. “Connections gives me the flexibility to learn at a pace that’s right for me and explore courses that peak my interest, like foreign languages.”

Interested families can learn more about the online school and explore the Washington Connections Academy program by attending one of many free online and in-person information sessions beginning in spring. These events provide parents the opportunity to meet with teachers and ask questions to determine if virtual school is a good fit for their student.

To learn more about Washington Connections Academy and begin the enrollment process, visit the www.WashingtonConnectionsAcademy.com.

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