The Peace Bus spreads goodwill with mobile podcasts and humanitarian aid

Kwabi Amoah-Forson, 29 (pictured here), Kevin Wolford, 28, and Lenora Seastres, 24, all of Tacoma, comprise The Peace Bus team. Credit:

In pursuit of exchanging ideas around the concept of peace to build solidarity, on Aug. 9 three Tacoma area residents began a 1,238-mile road trip to the U.S.-Mexico border in The Peace Bus. This powder blue 1988 Mitsubishi van, reminiscent of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, will be stopping frequently along the way to give out basic necessities (coats, socks, blankets and hygienic kits) to those in need and engage passersby to record exchanges on their concepts of peace for a mobile podcast, shared online.

Kwabi Amoah-Forson, 29, Kevin Wolford, 28, and Lenora Seastres, 24, all of Tacoma, comprise The Peace Bus team. They met through mutual friends and been preparing for months to take the van on the road, collecting material and monetary donations as well as a cache of cassette tapes for the long haul, thanks to the vintage “technology” of the vehicle.

Amoah-Forson, a 2015 Liberal Arts graduate of Evergreen State University’s Tacoma campus, said he drew inspiration for The Peace Bus idea from the humanitarian and peace Activist Abie Nathan, an Israeli pilot who flew a “Peace Plane” to promote better relations between Arabs and Jews.

“I thought, why can’t we do the same with a Peace Bus to bring people together right here in the U.S.?” Amoah- Forson said.

He predicts the journey could take four weeks to complete and said he has no idea what to expect once at the border. The Peace Bus Instagram account has quickly drawn support and praise from more than 1,250 fans across the country; its appeal as a politically neutral endeavor makes it even more approachable to all walks of humanity, Amoah-Forson said.

Get involved

For monetary donations to help fund transport of The Peace Bus down the West Coast to the US-Mexico border and back, visit the GoFundMe account of The Peace Bus at or click the “Donate” link at the bottom of the website:

or click the “Donate” link at the bottom of the website:

On the web:; Instagram @thepeacebus; Facebook/peaceishope

The Peace Bus aims to ignite solidarity throughout communities, spawning a campaign for peace both nationally and internationally. One of the essential pillars of the Peace Bus is delivering humanitarian aid to communities in need. Its team is committed to the act of giving as a fundamental part of the peace movement and to empowering communities by uplifting others. More at

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