The Plaid Pig celebrates grand opening with two nights of heavy, raucous roaring


Tacoma’s live music scene just got a little larger with the coming of The Plaid Pig, a full bar and lounge with air hockey, foosball, corn hole, billiards and darts. The venue, located at 5214 South Tacoma Way, will also be showcasing regional and national concerts on the weekends.
Much of the music is of the head banging, metallic and punk variety.
The Plaid Pig is having a grand opening celebration on July 13 and 14, with a bevy of heavy-hitting bands scheduled for each night.


Friday, July 13, 9 p.m. Lineup:

  • The Derelicts is a Seattle hardcore band that thrashed about between summer 1987 and spring 1991. The group recently coalesced and are playing gigs again.
  • Dust Mob is a Tacoma thrash punk hardcore band. They call themselves “a pack of wayward gutter stumblers and a rat shepherd unloading gallons of lead-based audio slime from a thunder cloud.”
  • Neutralboy is a punk rock band. Neutralboy was started in 1992 with the same three chords and some of the same songs that they still play today. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • Psycho 78 is a group of Tacoma punk rockers. Since its formation on a dark, stormy night in the fall of 2005, Psycho 78 has “traveled from club to club and bar to bar feeding at will… regurgitating E.Ps and clouded with the stench of punk rock.”

Cover for the Friday the 13th show is $8. For information visit

Saturday, July 14, 9 p.m. Lineup:

  • American Wrecking Company is a fusion of many influences from metal, punk, rock and everything in between.
  • Helles is a Tacoma metal band who profess an interest in Pabst Blue Ribbon (didn’t see that coming did you?). They also “enjoy long walks on the beach and melting faces.”
  • Beyond Theory, another Tacoma metal group, is “a band with high energy that puts on a hell of a show every time. We love what we do and the metal community.”
  • Drug of Choice is a hardcore metal band all the way from Lakewood.

Cover for the July 14 show is $7. For more information, visit

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