The Glorious Sons put on a dynamic live performance


On May 22, I had a choice to go to a big pop show at Century Link field or to see The Glorious Sons, a new up and coming hot band with Black Box Records and BMG, at the ShowBox in Seattle. Hungry for something new and the promise of having my appetite satisfied, it was a simple choice. Craving original music that was not cookie cutter formula would be enticing.

The Glorious Sons, hailing from Kingston Ontario, features Brett Emmons as lead vocalist. Emmons came out on stage with his deep, hard blues vocals resonating. His unchoreographed

stage presence was reminiscent of a young Joe Cocker as he belted out lyrics amidst the seizure-like movements expressive of his passion. That type of rawness takes the drums, guitars, bass and keys and melds it together to a wonderful concoction that feeds the famished music lover’s soul.

The Glorious Sons have an EP and two albums. The last one, “Young Beauties & Fools,” came out in late 2017 charting in Canada and winning the Juno 2017 Rock Album of the Year. The band members come from a blend of alternative, hard and Southern rock backgrounds with Brett Emmons on vocals and his brother Jay Emmons, along with Chris Koster providing rocking guitars. Adam Paquette is a hard driving drummer, while Chris Huot’s bass and Josh Hewsons keys round things off. The Glorious Sons’ playful shoving and antics displayed their comradery and chemistry as a band who enjoy what they’re doing and having great times doing it.

Unbelievably, the Sons were the opening act for the British band, The Struts, that night – playing a short set of just nine songs. Starting off with “White Noise,” which features a killer bassline, Bret Emmons varied his vocal range from soft vocals to his power rasp. The band then kicked into “My Poor Heart” (video attached

After “Mama” and then “Sawed off Shotgun,” a song about the struggles of opiate addiction, the group transitioned in to a Dylan-like song “Sometimes on Sunday,” a heavy bluesy song which features the memorable line, “I bet it gets lonely in heaven, I bet god sings the blues.” (video attached

Another highlight of the show was a perfectly executed cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter,” with Koster and Brett Emmons sharing the vocals. I don’t believe I have seen “Gimme Shelter” covered this well ever before.

The Glorious Sons next played their hit single “Every Thing is Alright,” which peaked at number one on the Canadian alternative rock radio charts, with Brett Emmons stepping down into the audience and the crowd chanting the lyrics. (Video attached

The group ended the evening appropriately with “Kill the Lights”.

The energy of The Glorious Sons, along with their music and live stage presence, makes it well worth the effort of catching at a live show and searching for a listen to their music. This group is a must for those eager to devour something new.

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