Texas sends dogs to Tacoma Humane Society


Hurricane Harvey is not to blame for the 2,000-mile trek that 10 dogs made from Texas to Tacoma less than two weeks ago. The canines arrived thanks to a partnership between Tacoma’s Humane Society and Project Freedom Ride, an organization that acquires dogs from overburdened rescue facilities in the Lone Star State and ships them to animal shelters here on an ongoing monthly basis. In fact, Kitsap Humane Society picked up five puppies from the recent Texas shipment and those wiggle butts are all now down in Silverdale waiting for adoption.

“There are a couple of reasons why Texas needs our shelter’s help,” said Shelby Taylor, marketing and public relations manager at Tacoma’s Humane Society. “First, there are not as many resources available to help the animals in Texas. Second, citizens in Washington are so forward thinking that they do a great job of spaying and neutering their pets.” Taylor said the Humane Society is honored to bridge the divide and save animal lives by bringing dogs into our pet-centric community.

A dog walker volunteer, Marilou Fischer, met the recent shipment of incoming dogs with Humane Society staff and other volunteers who quickly took the dogs out for a good, long walk soon as the animals arrived. “It’s just so inspiring to take part in something like this,” Fischer said.

Tacoma’s rescued dogs range from five months to three-years-old and are available for immediate adoption. Among this shipment was five-month-old German shepherds, Joshua and Lassen, a male pitbull named Hagen and a female Chihuahua named Feona.

The Humane Society first partnered with Project Freedom Ride in April 2017, and has taken in and adopted out roughly 60 Texas dogs so far. Yet 388 dogs that were brought in from shelters from numerous other shelters in Washington and beyond have been adopted out from the Tacoma shelter since January of this year.

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