Tacoma woman fundraises for the gift of sight

LindaKay Drake, here with her guide dog buddy Murphy, is seeking help to get her sight back with eSight electronic glasses.

This past summer, Tacoma Weekly featured a front-page story on blind Tacoma resident LindaKay Drake and her new guide dog Murphy, who himself was featured in People Magazine. Now, Drake is on a mission to fundraise enough money to purchase eSight electronic glasses, revolutionary eyewear that will allow her to see better.

Drake is reaching out to her fellow Tacomans for help in order to take advantage of a special pricing offer that extends only until the end of this month. Normally priced at $9,500, eSight is offering select clients a discounted price of $6,950 until Nov. 30.

“This price is $2,550 less than eSight’s regular cost and means that I am that much closer to finally being able to call this amazing pair of glasses my own,” Drake said. “Any contribution, no matter what size, will help me toward my goal.”

In more than 40 countries, eSight has restored or enhanced sight for thousands of visually impaired and legally blind individuals, allowing them to regain access to all of the activities they once enjoyed and, in many cases, see friends and loved ones for the very first time. Worn comfortably like a normal pair of glasses, or with prescription lenses built-in, they allow a person with low vision to see in virtually the same manner as someone who is fully sighted.

As described on the eSight website, eSight glasses house a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the wearer is looking at. Advanced, clinically validated algorithms optimize and enhance the footage. The footage is then presented on two near-to-eye screens in real time with stunning clarity. A handheld optical trackpad allows the user to refine the image further through a full suite of zoom, contrast and focus controls.

Drake said that when she tried the glasses on for the first time, she was floored. “On June 10, I experienced eSight and was given the opportunity to actually see the world around me. I still can’t comprehend that it was real, but this life-changing device completely took my breath away.”

At https://giving.esighteyewear.com/lindakay-drake, visitors can see a short video of Drake’s first experience with eSight. “I can’t watch the video without crying – that’s how remarkable it was,” she told the Tacoma Weekly. More details about Drake’s story are also there, along with how to easily make a donation to her.

At eSight, Nikki Nathanielsz is Drake’s program advisor. She’s been working with Drake for about six months now, and part of this was assisting in setting up Drake’s campaign page on the eSight website. There is no cost to clients to set up the page, as there is for other fundraising sites like GoFundMe, and every penny raised goes directly to eSight clients. Once the November deadline passes for the special offer, Drake’s fundraising campaign will continue with no deadline until she reaches the $9,500 goal. If she raises more than this, the remaining funds will go to another eSight client’s fundraising efforts.

“This special promotion is in honor of the two year anniversary of the most current eSight version,” Nathanielsz said, noting that eSight helps each person differently since each person’s eyes are different – but for Drake, they are a godsend.

“I need eSight so I can begin living life the way it was meant to be lived,” Drake shares on her fundraising page. “With eSight, I can’t wait to see the faces of people at church and not just rely on the sound of their voice. The next time I see my sister, it would be such a blessing to see her beautiful face – to watch a movie with my family and friends, read my Bible instead of listening to it, see the faces of all of you amazing people reading this and who are thinking about contributing, or to just see my own smile again.

“As you can see, these glasses would completely transform my life, but I need your help to turn my dream into a reality. I can’t thank you enough for anything you may be able to give toward this journey of mine.”

Visit https://giving.esighteyewear.com/lindakay-drake to learn more and to donate. Discover more about eSight at www.esighteyewear.com.

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