Tacoma Weekly endorses Mary Robnett for Pierce County Prosecutor

Mary Robnett

In the race for Pierce County Prosecutor, there is only one clear choice – Mary Robnett. Her opponent, current prosecutor Mark Lindquist, has held the office long enough and it is time for a change. Robnett has all the qualifications – and then some – to take the prosecutor’s office to new heights of excellence. “I’m running to restore integrity and trust in the Prosecutor’s Office. My pledge to you: To be tough, honest, ethical and fair,” Robnett says, and we are behind her all the way.

Under Lindquist’s leadership, the County Prosecutor’s office has been mired in turmoil. Employees have filed whistleblower complaints, there is an ongoing legal case around Lindquist’s text messages that has so far cost taxpayers upward of $1 million, and now he will be the subject of a Washington State Bar Association disciplinary hearing in December due to his appearance on the Nancy Grace legal talk show where he commented on an open murder trial. Lindquist may have violated rules of professional conduct governing public statements about criminal defendants and, depending on the bar association’s decision, his license to practice law could be suspended or revoked. This would certainly impact his ability to serve as an elected official – a situation unbecoming of a county prosecutor and one that adds to sullying the name of the office.

Robnett is, frankly, fed up with these and other sideshow antics and she’s determined to bring professionalism and a solid ethic back to the Prosecutor’s Office. The results in the primary elections prove that Pierce County voters support her – Robnett outdid Lindquist with 55 percent of the vote compared to the 45 percent cast for Lindquist.

While Lindquist was busy juggling chaos, Robnett was awarded the Attorney General’s Excellence Award (2015) and the Attorney General’s Office STAR award (2017) based on her performance and initiative. During her tenure at the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office twice awarded her the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney of the Year Award (2006 and 2012). Robnett was also awarded the Tacoma Police Department Certificate of Merit in 2009.

Robnett’s list of endorsers is equally impressive: Pierce County Sheriff’s Guild, Pierce County Corrections and Sergeants Guild, Tacoma Police Union Local #6, Washington State Association of Retired Police Officers and Washington State Patrol Troopers Association; a lengthy list of bi-partisan elected officials, former and retired judges and more than 160 individual attorneys.

Here in Pierce County voters have a golden opportunity to elect one of the strongest and most qualified women in the state – Mary Robnett for Pierce County Prosecutor.

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