SR 167 Puyallup River Bridge could be yours


After more than eight decades of service, the State Route 167 (Meridian Street) Bridge over the Puyallup River has been retired and now the Washington State Department of Transportation is launching an effort to find a new home for the bridge.

Originally built in 1925, the bridge was decommissioned in 2015 after a replacement bridge was built. It has been removed from its long-time location spanning the Puyallup River and is now in storage on adjacent WSDOT property. While in use, the historic bridge sported the longest (371 foot) riveted steel, Warren-type through-truss span built prior to 1940 on the Washington state highway system. The Warren truss is a type of bridge design that uses triangular units to disperse weight on the bridge.

Parties seeking a unique way to preserve Washington’s history might consider relocating and preserving this historic structure. The new owner will be responsible for maintaining the bridge and the features that give it its historical significance and continued eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. The new owner will also assume all future legal and financial responsibility for the structure. This offer to take ownership and relocate this bridge from a WSDOT storage location is available until June 2019.

Those who are interested should visit the SR 167 Puyallup River Bridge webpage for more information.

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