Puyallup sending homeless to Tacoma


By John Larson

In an effort to address homelessness, the City of Puyallup has entered into an agreement with the Salvation Army to house up to 14 people at a cost of $65,000. An information sheet provided by the City of Puyallup pointed out that there are no overnight shelters in the city. It also lacks any social service agencies that can provide what the Salvation Army can: shelter, food, counseling for substance abuse and mental health issues, employment counseling and transportation. More than just basic needs such as food and a bed for the evening, Salvation Army has social workers with experience dealing with the homeless and the underlying reasons they ended up on the street. Three people have already enrolled in the program.

“Instead of returning homeless persons to our streets, where their situations likely will not change, we are offering them a real alternative. This is a true safety net for those who need and want it.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the city will pay $65,000. It may issue the funding in monthly installments, after appropriate reporting. Should Salvation Army fail to provide the services as agreed upon, it would be required to pay back the funds that are still remaining from the time the services ceased to be offered. Salvation Army will maintain records that document the services provided, and at the request of the city, will share those records. It will also maintain insurance against claims for injuries to people or damage to property. It may not subcontract any of the services without the consent of the City of Puyallup.

Puyallup will pay $2,708 per month per room. One room will house up to six males and the other up to eight females. Puyallup police officers will transport individuals who want to enroll in the program.


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