Psychedelic band General Mojo’s comes to Jazzbones for Winter Solstice


The psych-pop acolytes General Mojo’s are playing Jazzbones on Dec. 21 with support from Q Dot and Bryson Foster Band. This 21+ show will begin at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10 advance and $12 day of show.

On their new EP, “All of the Greats” Seattle, neo neo-psychedelic band General Mojo’s manage to cram a vision-quests’ worth of soaring vocal harmonies, multicolored oil-drip synth lines and shimmering fuzz-guitar wash into a concise and incredibly compelling sonic journey. Reach out and take their hands, and they’ll lead you into a world where everything is just a little more colorful (and quite a lot groovier).

“All of the Greats,” the album’s title song, is introduced by bass and drums that are soon joined by keyboards that take the listener on an astral trip to a tranquil desert, where one might expect to meet Carlos Castaneda and his mentor, the Yaqui sorcerer known as Don Juan. During a trippy interlude within the song, wild electronics play with the imagination before you are gently returned to the comfort of a harmonic zone. An airy echo chamber is your exit from this sonic ride.

The second song, “Seventh Seed,” has a skeletal beginning that is quickly fleshed out with huge guitar chords. The song takes the listener on a road trip where, among other things, there is a flock of sheep. In a clever move, the baa-baa-baaing of the sheep becomes an homage to the Beach Boys’ style of vocal harmony.

“Dandelion Seeds,” the third track, retains something of the Beach Boys flavor, but also has a feeling akin to early Pink Floyd, when Syd Barret was the band’s songwriter. The song of dandelion seeds blowing on the breeze is hauntingly harmonious.

Finally, “Never Known,” a song of the night, has great vocal transitions as when a female chorus will take over a line and carry the song alone. “Don’t be shy,” says the narrator, “release that monster inside.” Feel safe enough to be your authentic self. The song features a catchy guitar solo and a very cool bass line.

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