PLU Theatre and Dance presents musical adaptation of Shakespeare comedy ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’


In the PLU production, the king and his best buds decide at their five-year college reunion to swear off women; that is, until four beautiful, clever girls from their past show up. The performance contains mild adult content. This musical version of the story features songs by Michael Friedman, book adapted by Alex Timbers.

“Love’s Labour’s Lost” is one of Shakespeare’s early comedies. It follows the King of Navarre and his three companions as they attempt to forswear the company of women for three years of study and fasting, and their subsequent infatuation with the Princess of France and her ladies. The play draws on themes of masculine love and desire, reckoning and rationalization, and reality versus fantasy.

The historical personages portrayed and the political situation in Europe relating to the setting and action of the play were familiar to Shakespeare’s audiences. Scholars suggest that the play lost popularity as these historical and political portrayals of Navarre’s court became dated and less accessible to theatergoers of later generations. The play’s sophisticated wordplay, pedantic humor and dated literary allusions may also be reasons for its relative obscurity, as compared with Shakespeare’s more popular works. “Love’s Labour’s Lost” was staged rarely in the 19th century, but it has been seen more often in the 20th and 21st centuries, with productions by both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre, among others. It has also been adapted as a musical, an opera, for radio and television and as a musical film.

“Love’s Labour’s Lost” features the longest scene, the longest single word ‘honorificabilitudinitatibus’, and the longest speech in all of Shakespeare’s plays.

Tickets for Spotlight Series performances are $10 general admission; $5 for 60+, military, alumni and students.

Call (253) 535-7411 to purchase with cash/credit/debit. You can purchase your tickets online at

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