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In addition to its fantastic exhibits of some of the greatest works by some of the greatest artists working with glass as an artistic medium, Tacoma’s Museum of Glass is a valuable educational and cultural resource. It functions as a center for public events and if offers residencies for artists from all over the world to come work in the museum’s hot shop.

In its educational role, the museum offers many courses through which anyone can come and learn to work with glass.

Following is a listing of just some of the creative and educational opportunities that MOG has scheduled for the near future:

School Tours

More than 6,000 students toured Museum of Glass last year. Classes experience new conversations, exciting exhibitions, working artists, and hands-on activities. Tours are available for all learners, including preschoolers, university classrooms, and non-traditional education programs.

Science of Art

Innovating solutions and sharing creative ideas are essential to the arts and sciences. Through the Museum’s Science of Art program, K-12 students are challenged to solve artistic and scientific problems, connecting the two learning domains in a meaningful way. Built on the Next Generation Science Standards, and the Washington State Arts Standards, this robust program is catered to the age of the learners.

For more information on the above, contact the education department at (253) 284-4713.

Artist talks and discussions

MOG’s interactive presentations give you a chance to dialogue with artists, learn from experts and engage with glass in new ways.

Shop Talk – Sundays at 2 p.m.

Visiting artists share their ideas, creative processes, and invite guests to ask questions that promote greater/deeper understanding of the work they’ve created during the week:

Nov. 11: Shandra McLane

Nov. 18: Martin Štefánek

Dec. 2: Megan Stelljes

Dec. 9: Erika Sanada

Glass From the Past – Sundays at 2 p.m.

Discuss and explore topics related to the history of glass with an expert in the field:

Oct. 28: Nordic Glass and Iittala Glass Factory

Nov. 4: Louis Comfort Tiffany

Dec. 16: Glass 101

Dec. 23: Venetian Glass

Hands-on Workshops

Museum of Glass invites visitors to create their own glass art using a variety of techniques. Your art making is guided by Museum of Glass art educators, and these cold and warm glass workshops are perfect for small groups.

Fusing – generally offered the second and fourth weekend each month

Not all glass is worked hot. Arranging and designing with cold glass lets you stay cool while stretching your creative muscles. You make the artistic choices, and we’ll load the kiln and fire it up. Glass is ready for pick-up the following Thursday. Reservations encouraged.

Saturdays 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sundays 1-5 p.m.

Nov. 10 and 11: Fusing

Design your own fused glass tile or magnet.

Nov. 17 and 18: Tack fusing

Design your own glass tile by tack fusing an array of colorful shards.

Dec. 8 and 9: Fusing

Design your own fused glass tile or magnet.

Dec. 15 and 16: Mosaics

Design your art image by assembling small pieces of colored glass.

$29 per workshop/ $26 MOG member price


Blow Your Own

Join artists in the Hot Shop to make your own work of art. Hilltop Artists will be ready to guide you through the process of making your own glass sculpture.

$60 per person / $45 MOG members

Must be 12+ to participate in Hot Shop workshops. A limited number of 30-minute appointments are available and these workshops often sell out. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Reserve yours with a pre-payment by calling (253) 284-4719 or sign up at the Museum admissions desk.

Nov. 3 and 4: Pumpkins

Celebrate the fall season with a festive pumpkin!  Sculpt one out of glass – you choose the color and shape the stem.

Dec. 15 and 16: Ornaments

The holiday season you can make your own blown glass ornament. Made with love and care, it’s a great keepsake or a gift.

Dec. 26, 27, and 28: Winter Bonanza

Keep the holiday spirit going by making a holiday themed glass sculpture. Choose from an ornament, snowman or paperweight.

For information, visit

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