Man charged with assault faces third strike, life in prison


Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist has charged Randy Smith with six counts of assault in the first degree, robbery in the first degree, attempted robbery in the first degree, kidnapping in the first degree, and two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm in the first degree.

Smith, 32, who was on community custody, tried to rob two Parkland area businesses, held employees at gunpoint, and engaged law enforcement in a gun battle and standoff before he was shot and arrested.

“Washington’s Three Strikes Law has been successful in getting habitual offenders off the street,” said Lindquist. “Our community is safer because of this law.”

On Sept. 6, Pierce County deputies and law enforcement officers from other agencies were called to the area of the Best Tire store and Sky Motors, near the corner of 134th and Pacific Avenue. Three victims at the Best Tire say that the defendant, Smith, entered the store through a rear bay door and asked for an employee. One alleged victim, M. Brown, told Smith that he was an employee and Smith asked for help with something on the side of the building.

Brown followed and says Smith pulled a handgun and told customers to leave. He then asked for Brown’s keys. Brown told Smith he would get the keys and left to another area of the building. Brown and the two other victims inside the business were able to flee to a nearby gas station.

When Smith noticed that employees had fled the business, witnesses say he moved on to another business, Sky Motors, further down the block.

Witnesses say that Smith was apparently carrying a bag containing a rifle, a handgun and ammunition. Deputies say he was also wearing body armor.

There were four people inside Sky Motors. Witnesses say Smith entered the car sales office with a handgun in his hand. He demanded a car with gas. Witnesses say that Smith pointed the handgun at all four individuals saying that he would kill them if they didn’t cooperate.

As one of the victims gave Smith a key to a nearby car, three of the victims were able to get out of the dealership. The fourth victim, M.A.A., was held hostage at gunpoint. At one point, the defendant tried to reload his rifle and M.A.A. managed to get out safely.

As deputies approached the front of Sky Motors, multiple shots were fired through the front of the building. Bullets were also fired through the ceiling of the business. Several rounds of gunfire followed and deputies could hear rounds hitting nearby or snapping past them.

Later, Smith was shot by deputies. The body armor Smith was wearing appears to have protected him from more serious injuries. He came out with his hands up after being struck by gunfire. He was later taken into custody.

The defendant was on community custody. He has multiple prior convictions for serious offenses, including robbery in the first degree and robbery in the second degree.

Bail is set at $2,500,000.

Charges are only allegations and a person is presumed innocent unless he or she is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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