Legal News: The World Channel to air illuminating documentary ‘To A More Perfect Union: U.S. V. Windsor’

“To A More Perfect Union: U.S. V. Windsor” chronicles two unlikely heroes, octogenarian Edie Windsor and her attorney Roberta Kaplan, on their quest for justice.

The World Channel is set to helm the broadcast debut of the multiple award-winning documentary “To A More Perfect Union: U.S. V. Windsor” on Monday, June 10 at 5 p.m. on more than 160 stations throughout the U.S. This airing is timed to the globally celebrated Pride Month and very close to the actual anniversary of this groundbreaking landmark Supreme Court decision for LGBTQ civil rights that brought a decades long love story of two women into the hearts of the American people.

This pivotal and timely documentary, produced by Ferrodonna Features and guided expertly to the screen by acclaimed director/producer Donna Zaccaro (“Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way”), illuminates the most well known and certainly the first central case in the marriage equality civil rights movement.

“To A More Perfect Union: U.S. V. Windsor” tells a moving story of love, marriage, and a fight for equality of one of our most basic human rights. The film chronicles two unlikely heroes, octogenarian Edie Windsorand her attorney Roberta Kaplan, on their quest for justice. Edie was in a 40-plus year relationship with the love of her life, Thea Spyer. Upon Spyer’s death, Windsor was forced to pay a huge estate tax bill because the federal government denied federal benefits to same-sex couples. Windsor sued the U. S. government over this offensive lack of recognition, making her a renowned LGBTQ civil rights advocate. Edie’s win in U.S. v. Windsor was a pivotal moment in the marriage equality movement.

The personal and legal journey of Windsorand Kaplan are told in their own words and through interviews with notable civil rights advocates, including Lillian Faderman (LGBTQ historian) and Evan Wolfson(Lambda Legal, Freedom to Marry), as well as others of the legal team, movement activists, legal analysts, well-known supporters and celebrities, and opponents. Windsor and Kaplan’s story exemplifies our journey as a people, as a culture, and as citizens with equal rights.

World Channel tells stories that humanize complex issues. Worldshares the best public media in news, documentaries, and fact-based informational programming that helps the viewers understand conflicts, movements, and cultures that may be different from their own. World’s original content acts as a national, education platform for navigating these issues that are often ignored by mainstream media. This platform has won a Peabody Award and numerous national honors. Major Funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The John D. and Catherine t. MacArthur Foundation, Wyncote Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts and WORLD Channelpublic media station.

 “To A More Perfect Union: U.S. V. Windsor”director/producer Donna Zaccarois the founder and president of Ferrodonna Features Inc., a non-profit film production company with a mission of producing films about women, women’s issues, and social justice issues. Previously, Zaccarodirected/produced “Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way,”the critically acclaimed documentary about the trailblazer who made history as the first woman to run for national office on a major party ticket, which debuted on Showtime. Prior to founding her media production company, Zaccarowas an award-winning producer for the “Today” show at NBC News.

To learn more about the film and follow its journey go to: or follow the film at or Instagram: @perfectunionfilm.

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