Learn how to live sustainably at City of Tacoma’s annual expo

Expo goers connect with sustainability minded vendors at the 2017 South Sound Sustainability Expo. Photo by Darby Veeck

Embracing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle isn’t just a fad, and it shows at City of Tacoma’s 11th annual South Sound Sustainability Expo, set for 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 14, at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center and Tollefson Plaza. Admission is free to this all-ages program.

“The intent of the event is to celebrate our environment,” said Sam Lake, an AmeriCorps sustainability specialist contracted by the City to organize and present the one-day event. “We’re celebrating with nearly 100 organizations that are dedicated to keeping our environment healthy.”

Attendees will have a variety of workshops to choose from throughout the day to learn about the different ways they can connect to and celebrate the environment around them, including urban gardening methods, strategies for not wasting food, and tools for mindful environmentalism.

Out on Tollefson Plaza, there will be electric bike demonstrations presented by Tacoma Bike, WattzUp Bike, and Rad Power Bikes; information about bike share programs presented by international organizations Ofo, and Lime Bikes; a pedal-bike rodeo for children; a tiny house available for tours with information about how to pursue a tiny-house lifestyle, surrounded by trees and a rain garden; live music from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; and three food trucks serving vegan, barbecue, and smoothies, sourced from local produce.

Inside the Convention Center, there will be the workshops, and also children activities, featuring arts and crafts with Tacoma Nature Center; animal and plant exhibit with the Slater Museum; live music and storytelling with Granny Green’s Green Machine; and free screen printing, an art exhibit presented by Science and Math Institute students, and finally, a mini farmers market.

Lake said the Expo is a highly-anticipated annual program.

“People have been contacting me about this event for the past year,” she said.

The Expo is presented by City of Tacoma’s Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability with support from Tacoma Public Utilities, Unity College, Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union, Pierce Transit, Metro Parks Tacoma, and the Port of Tacoma.

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