Keep Our Prosecutor Kickoff Concert for Lindquist

At his kickoff concert in 2014, actress Molly Ringwald and R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck performed with The Beatniks (shown here with Lindquist’s daughter Sloane dancing with a friend). Guest stars are expected this year as well. Photo courtesy of Mark Lindquist

Our Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist invites the community to join him at a kickoff concert this Saturday, April 14, 6 p.m. at the Landmark Temple Theatre in Tacoma. The Beatniks, a popular Northwest band, are the headliners of this unique event, which is expected to draw hundreds of people from all over the county.

“This will be a great event to support our prosecutor’s successful efforts to keep our community safe,” said Detective Ed Troyer, who will serve as emcee.

A career prosecutor with more than 22 years of service, Lindquist has a strong reputation for protecting the community. He was appointed as the top prosecutor in a bipartisan and unanimous vote of the County Council in 2009. He was elected in a landslide in 2010. He was reelected in 2014 with an even larger margin, winning more than 96 percent of the vote against a write-in candidate.

Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards, who will welcome the crowd, said, “Mark is inclusive and collaborative. He brings everyone to the table so we can work together to solve community safety issues.”

Woodards added, “Mark stands tall,” referring to both his stature and his commitment to public safety.

Lindquist’s successful crime-fighting initiatives include an Elder Abuse Unit, which won an award of nearly $400,000 from the Department of Justice for protecting vulnerable adults, a Gang Unit, which has helped reduce gang violence by more than 50 percent, and a coordinated approach to prosecuting domestic violence cases and supporting victims.

He has also reduced crime with progressive alternative courts, including a Drug Court, Veterans Court, and Mental Health Court, as well as innovative diversion programs for juveniles.

Additionally, Lindquist recently filed a lawsuit against the pharmceutical industry to hold them accountable for their role in the opioid epidemic. After months of preparation and diligence, the Pierce County Council gave him the green light. 

“This will be a fight,” Lindquist said, “but we are always happy to fight for what’s right.” He said he expected the litigation to resemble the battle with big tobacco, which resulted in a settlement. “I’m going to make sure Pierce County receives our share of the compensation,” Lindquist promised.

Lindquist has prosecuted all kinds of cases, including murder, rape, domestic violence, elder abuse, property crimes, and methamphetamine labs. Under Lindquist’s leadership, meth labs have been reduced by more than 95 percent since the days when the county had one of the worst meth lab problems in the country.

Running for his fourth term, after serving two full terms and a partial term after his appointment, Lindquist emphasizes a public service culture. “I’m proud of all those in the office who focus on protecting the public and serving our community.”

Lindquist also emphasizes the importance of being involved in the community and communicating with the public the office serves. He spoke with more than 200 groups in 2017 and is frequently seen working with civic groups who share his commitment to a safe, strong, and just community.

Recently, Lindquist and several deputy prosecutors have made presentations at local schools, talking with students and staff about keeping our schools safe.

His wife Chelsea works in communications for Bates Technical College. She and their 7-year-old daughter Sloane often join Mark at community events.

“Sloane is the star of the family,” notes Lindquist.

The Lindquist family lives in Tacoma near Stadium High School, where Mark’s grandmother, Katherine Reese, graduated in 1926.

Lindquist was Chair of the 2012-13 United Way Campaign, serves on Tacoma Community College Foundation Board, serves on the City Club Board, is a member of Rotary 8, was a reading tutor at McCarver Elementary School, and participates in a variety of civic endeavors, including the American Leadership Forum. He is also a nationally-acclaimed author whose books have been bestsellers.

At his kickoff concert in 2014, actress Molly Ringwald and R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck performed with The Beatniks. Guest stars are expected this year as well. Lindquist, who plays guitar, has been known to join the band in the past.

“This will be a fun party for everyone who cares about keeping our prosecutor and keeping our community safe,” Troyer said.

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