Initial returns are in for Aug. 4 primary


Next Pierce County vote count happens at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 5

Returns are coming in for the Aug. 4 state primary, and races in Pierce County show some interesting initial results in numerous contests. More returns will be counted over the next several days.

The Pierce County results listed here were reported at 8:15 p.m. by the Pierce County Auditor’s Office. The next ballot count will happen at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow, Aug. 5. Visit



Ed Troyer: 52.62%

Cyndie Fajardo: 20.42%

Doug Richardson: 15.85%

Darin G. Harris: 10.05%

Pierce County Executive

Bruce Dammeier (R): 55.05%

Larry Seaquist (D): 44.82%

Pierce County Council

Dist. 2

Hans Zeiger (R): 53.19%

Sarah Rumbaugh (D): 46.65%

Dist. 3

Amy Cruver (R): 42.92%

Joe Zaichkin (R): 21.09%

Marcus Young (D): 20.35%

Yanah G. Cook (D): 15/48%

Dist. 4

Ryan Mello (D): 30.76%

Javier H. Figueroa (I): 28.59%

Preston Anderson (D): 24.01%

Tim Farrell (D): 15.85%

Dist. 6

Jani Hitchen (D): 51.94%

Jason Whalen (R): 47.85%


Dist. 28

T’wina Nobles (D): 51.05%

Steve O’Ban (R): 48.83%


(As reported at


Jay Inslee (D): 51.96%

Loren Culp (R): 16.78%

Lt. Governor

Denny Heck (D): 27.78%

Marko Liias (D): 16.65%

Ann Davison Sattler (R): 11.54%

Marty McClendon (R): 10.78%

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (R): 50.13%

Gael Tarleton (D): 44.73%

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (D): 56.77%

Matt Larkin (R): 23.49%

Brett Rogers (R): 12.39%


Dist. 10

Marilyn Strickland (D): 21.4%

Beth Doglio (D): 14.36%

Rian Ingrim (R): 10.62%

Dist. 6

Derek Kilmer (D): 49.51%

Elizabeth Kreiselmaier (R): 25.63%

Rebecca Parson (D): 12.08%

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