Hubner explores sexual attitudes at 950 Gallery exhibit

Katlyn Hubner, whose work is now showing at the 950 Gallery, is fascinated by the expressive power of the human form. Photo courtesy of Katlyn Hubner

950 Gallery is hosting a show of work by Seattle artist Katlyn Hubner. Entitled “Sexuntold,” the exhibit runs through April 19.

Hubner is a painter and performance artist who does striking figure paintings. Some of Hubner’s earlier work utilized Barbie dolls as models. The paintings enlarged the dolls and put them in a variety of configurations via which the artist was able to goad the viewer into thinking about the body by looking at representations of representations of body parts.

The artist’s more recent work replaces dolls with human models. The wiry, slender bodies are shown in acid-edged colors and are placed in complex, flexing, twisting configurations. The bodies are charged with tension and energy.

In “Sexuntold,” Hubner purports to be exploring the issue of sexism. “Sexism,” she writes, “has been witnessed and conditioned through culture, by parents, religion, science, and the failing bureaucratic system our government is barely functioning with. It is hard to point the finger and be able to say if the church or the state is more to blame for cultural defects and bad habits. What inspired me to make this series was the finger pointing to a fault.”

Hubner describes the exhibit of paintings, interviews, and video as “a movement for the people.”

“I hope this show can shine a light on those who have been forgotten, misunderstood, abandoned and betrayed,” Hubner asserts. “The goal with the art presented is to bring solidarity and an opportunity for us as a community to lift one another up and help clarify misguided conformities.”

Hubner was born and raised in Baltimore and currently lives in Seattle. Her creative endeavors first began as an art model traveling across North America and working with hundreds of artists of different mediums. She always had a profound appreciation for the human form, and it is a major influence in her work.

This exhibit contains graphic content. Adult discretion is advised.

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Since June 2016, the 950 Gallery (formerly called Spaceworks Gallery) has provided a space for contemporary artists and curators working in the Pacific Northwest to host feature exhibitions. Activating a longstanding vacant space, the gallery is operated by Spaceworks Tacoma. Always free and open to the public, the space also holds an information desk for people to learn more about Spaceworks Tacoma’s programs, opportunities, and events.

The 950 Gallery is located at 950 Pacific Ave. Suite 205 (Entrance on 11th St.). Hours are every Thursday 1-5 p.m., Third Thursday 1-9 p.m. or by appointment. To make a viewing appointment call (253) 627-2175 or e-mail

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