Grace Hope to launch ‘exdreams’ video at Tacoma Film Festival


Grace Hope, co-founder of the beloved Tacoma band, Goldfinch, has launched a new music project called “exdreams.” Her debut album, “Physical Contact,” was produced by DuWayne “DJ” Phinisey, a prolific hip-hop and pop producer from Tacoma now residing and working in Los Angeles. With big dance hooks and rich synth layers, “exdreams” marks a dramatic shift in style and energy from the folk-rock sound of Goldfinch. The video for the album’s first single, “It’s Not Sex,” has its world premiere at the Tacoma Film Festival on Oct. 7, where Hope will perform as part of the Music Video Showcase.

Recorded over seven days in the spring of 2018 in both Los Angeles and Tacoma, the album “Physical Contact” is the product of a writing collaboration between Hope and her former Goldfinch bandmate, Aaron Stevens. “Physical Contact” marks Hope’s return to music after diving deep into her pursuit of a degree in science while navigating the end of a long marriage. Jokingly referred to as “divorce pop,” “Physical Contact” explores Hope’s relationship with sex, alcoholism, power and dreams.

In “exdreams,” Hope leans heavily on a lifetime of obsession with artists like Kate Bush, Portishead and Anohni, but these new tracks showcase the power and clarity of her voice with weird harmonies and stacks of vocals that manage to feel poppy while remaining original and unaffected.

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