FROM SICKNESS TO HEALTH: Ten-week program to help ease stress, build health


Tacoma residents looking to lower stress and develop healthy habits are invited to attend “From Sickness to Health,” a ten-week program hosted by Tacoma Central Church.

The program begins on Aug. 30 – Sept. 3 with a four-day introduction to healthy activities. Citizens are invited from 7-8 p.m. on Wednesday through Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday for free nightly samples at Tacoma Community College. After this, the group will meet once a week to introduce new habits into their daily routine and give updates to how they are doing.

“The first four days we’re putting on a seminar about healthy living, different things you can do, natural remedies, things you can eat to make yourself feel better,” organizer Nelson Miles said. “We go over things like how much water you should be drinking a day, which is important for weight loss – a holistic approach to changing your lifestyle for more healthy living. On the fifth day, we’re presenting a full course meal for free.”

The 10-week challenge is designed to slowly integrate changes introduced in the four-day seminar, and is still completely free for citizens.

“We’ll take that 10-week approach and each week introduce something like ‘drink three liters of water a day,’ then you talk about it the next week, or ‘let’s start walking 10,000 steps a day, or 5,000 steps a day.’ We’ll try and get people to incorporate exercises and healthy living into their lifestyle. We believe in it and we want to share it with others,” Miles said.

A big focus for the event is not only healthy eating, but where you can purchase healthy food in Tacoma and how to integrate it into your diet.

Miles and the Tacoma Central Church hope the program inspires people and reduces stress, which in turn leads to healthier living. The event will also include free health screenings for things like blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

“Stress can do a lot of things, but how do you change? How do you get rid of it? That’s what we’re looking at,” Miles said.

The program was developed by Rico Hill who travels nationally introducing the program to communities. His background includes being a television executive for Turner Broadcasting and MTV, and he is also the author of “10 Steps to the New Life.”
For more information, call (253) 632-5233.

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