Fort Nisqually Living History Museum is a step closer to accreditation through the American Alliance of Museums. Fort Nisqually has now met alliance standards for core documents verification. Museum industry experts have confirmed that Fort Nisqually has an education mission, as well as ethics, planning, emergency, and collections stewardship policies that meet professional museum standards.

Previously, Fort Nisqually completed the American Association of State and Local History’s Standards & Excellence Program. Fort Nisqually received a certificate of completion from the association at its annual meeting in Austin on Sept. 8.

Jim Lauderdale, museum supervisor, was pleased with both recognitions. “The culmination of work on these two programs and this public recognition has been several years in the making,” he said. “Fort Nisqually is blessed to have such dedicated staff and volunteers who continue to achieve great accomplishments for the museum.”

Fort Nisqually’s next step will be to seek accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums.

Of the nation’s approximately 4,000 museums, about 1,000 have passed the core documents verification. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum is one of 20 in Washington that have done so.

One reason Fort Nisqually underwent review was to show the public that the museum has policies and plans that are essential to good museum management. This gives the staff and governing authority the structure, ethical grounding, and accountability needed to make informed and consistent decisions that will sustainably support Fort Nisqually’s mission for the public’s benefit.

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