Captured! ‘Bolt cutters and burgers’ thieves apprehended


The two suspects accused of using a stolen credit card at McClendon Hardware in Puyallup that was taken during a car prowl at the Canyon Park Apartments are both in jail.

“The public giving us tips led to our deputies being able to find these guys in a stolen van so not only was it a great arrest but it was the help from the public that got us there,”said Det. Ed Troyer.

Jason Tone entered a plea of not guilty. Bail set at $10,000 for possession of stolen property and identity theft 2. The other suspect, Douglas Dunlap, chose not appear in court and remained in the jail. Detectives say he used the stolen credit card to buy bolt cutters and other items. Prosecutors have charged him with possession of stolen property, identity theft 2 and reckless driving. He is being held without bail.

Both suspects are also accused of using the stolen card at Jack in the Box to buy $59 worth of fast food.

They are WMW Captures #966 and #967 thanks to tips from you!

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