Black Women Kept Roy Moore Out of Office. Here’s How to Actually Thank Them.


Late on Tuesday nightAmerica was once again reminded of the power of Black women. Thanks in large part to overwhelmingly high turnout among Black voters and Black women in particular, Alabama managed to elect a pro-choice Democrat in the Bible Belt, tighten up the U.S. Senate’s progressive alliance, and keep an accused child molester out of the government. Exit polls show that 98 percent of Black women (and 93 percent of Black men) who cast ballots voted for Jones, while 63 percent of white women voted for Moore.

Black women are not new to this, we are true to this; 94 percent of us voted against another accused sexual harasser, Donald Trump, while white women ushered him into power. Black women have been the Democrats’ most reliable voting bloc for decades.

Read the full story published in The Cut:

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