Beloved dog bolts from PetSmart in Puyallup


Patricia Borgstrom says her dog, Bentley, was being walked from the “pets hotel” to the grooming station at PetSmart at 1201 31st Ave. SE in Puyallup Monday when he broke his collar and ran out the door.

“I just want my baby back home. He’s my world and my emotional support!” said Borgstrom.

Bentley is a 21 and a half year old Pomsky, a Pomerian and Siberian Husky mix who is chipped with Home Again. He has a vision problem with his left eye; it is half brown and half blue.

“We’re committed to doing everything we can to help find Bentley. Our local store teams have formed a search party, created flyers and are currently exploring the use of tracking dogs to help locate him. We’ll continue to be in close contact with Bentley’s pet parent during this time,” said Erin Gray, Senior Corporate Communications Manager with PetSmart. Please contact the store at (253) 845-8988 if you spot Bentley.

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