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BeGes Toastmasters offers this five-part series on public speaking and the benefits of Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a non-profit organization. Guests are welcome to attend any meeting for free. This week’s article is about Leadership.

What happens when fear no longer holds you back from speaking out on matters important to you? When happens when you can communicate your ideas, your dreams, and your visions to other people? What happens when you can motivate and inspire others to action? You are ready to become a leader.

Leaders exhibit a wide variety of qualities and personalities, but they all share these abilities: leaders have a clear vision for the future; they can motivate others toward that vision; and they can work together in teams toward a common goal.

Vision: On the blank canvas of possibility, we can paint our vision of the future. From these dreams, we derive goals and formulate plans that become the stepping stones to that future. Having confidence in your plan and in yourself provides the will-power to see your vision become a reality.

Motivating Others: One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is motivating others. This is where your speaking skills come into play. You inspire people into action. You persuade them that their actions will pay off, and you inform them what they need to do. You reinforce your message by your own actions. Your audience will know if you “walk your talk” by the example you set.

Team Work: Worthwhile accomplishments are rarely made alone. In Toastmasters, every meeting is a team effort. We work together and learn by the process of evaluation. We encourage each other by recognizing individual talents and providing insights for improvement. This is the essence of teamworkhelping everyone do his or her best.

The opportunity to develop leadership skills is available at any Toastmasters meeting. Whether it be conducting a panel, leading a discussion, running a meeting, or giving a speech, you are provided with an exciting environment of cooperative, talented people dedicated to helping you become the best you can be. Come discover how Toastmasters’ Communication and Leadership Programs can contribute to your personal growth.

You are invited to attend a FREE WORKSHOP on Friday, Aug. 31, from noon to 1 p.m. on “EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP.” BeGes Toastmasters meets Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. at GeoEngineers, 1101 Fawcett Ave., Suite 200, Tacoma, WA 98402. For more information, check our website at or call (253) 433-9768.

Copies of this five-part series are available from BeGes Toastmasters.

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