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Lately the Tacoma Weekly has been going through some significant changes that we’d like to share with our readers. First is that we are no longer partnering with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. The Puyallup Tribal Council and Tacoma Weekly have decided to go in different directions, which means we are no longer publishing the Puyallup Tribal News. We are currently in a billing dispute with the tribe, but we remain confident that it will get settled so that both parties can move forward. It’s a difficult situation, honestly, and part of the less enjoyable aspects of running a business.

Of course, we will miss them. Working with the tribe for the past 18 years was foremost on a business level, but grew to a personal level as well. Tacoma Weekly publisher John Weymer and the Tacoma Weekly staff couldn’t help but be part of the Puyallup Tribe ourselves, as we lived life with them through births and deaths, leadership changes, economic achievements and good old-fashioned friendships. We have always, and will always, love the Puyallup Tribe and wish them success in all their future plans.

Secondly, in their Oct. 17 edition, Seattle newspaper The Stranger published an article critical of the Tacoma Weekly based on an interview with a former employee. This week, Mr. Weymer and TW editor Matt Nagle met with the writer of that article to address the issues in it and to introduce him to our Tacoma Weekly family. It felt good to tell our story, and hard at times as well, looking back on the trials and tribulations we’ve endured. We haven’t always done everything right, and some people were left disgruntled along the way due to tough business decisions that had to be made, but that’s the case with any small business trying to make it work as Tacoma Weekly has done for more than 30 years. The only difference now is that through social media, internal business matters are made public with only one side being presented. Usually, online bullying ensues.

It is indeed very challenging at times working to stay afloat as a print newspaper in these days of struggle for print newspapers nationwide. But we are stronger than ever in the wake of all that is thrown at us. Tacoma Weekly is here to stay, and we have our loyal advertisers and loving readers to thank for that. Keep an eye on the Tacoma Weekly – we’ve got all kinds of things up our sleeves for the coming months and years.

Thank you!

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