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Thanks to the furry abundance from last spring’s breeding season, on Saturday, Aug. 19, the Tacoma Humane Society, 2608 Center St., will throw an all-day “pet pawty,” complete with decorative balloons. Part of a nationwide effort to address typical shelter overcrowding this time of year, this event is when kind-hearted folks can adopt four-legged friends for little or nothing.  The shelter’s goal is to place fur-angels in the best forever homes possible – where human and pet alike will never have to sleep alone again.

Trade in a bad habit for a really good rabbit!

Folks who spend too much time alone can adopt a rabbit or adult cat at no cost on Pawty Day and those who prefer to take home kittens or dogs will pay 40 percent less than the usual adoption price. For this event, the Society will keep its doors open until all pets are gone or until 9 p.m., whichever comes first. If every kenneled critter finds its new home by 5 p.m., then that’s when the doors will close.

When life gave them lemmings, the Shelter made a small mammal room.

Shelby Taylor, marketing and public relations manager at Tacoma’s Humane Society, said the pet inventory fluctuates day-by-day so they don’t know just yet how many or what kind of pets will be available for adoption on Aug. 19. At the time of her interview, on Aug. 15, the shelter had 10 dogs, 20 cats and five other pets from their small mammal room, meaning: rabbits and guinea pigs mostly.

According to Taylor, the reason rabbits and adult cats will be given away for free at the Pawty is because those animals are hardest to place when there are plenty of adorable kittens who are competing with the older adult cats for attention.

In addition to pet adoptions, the shelter will be offering face painting, and Jimmy John’s will be by at noon with free food samples.

“We’re inviting people to come out to the shelter because there’s so much misconception about us being the pound,” Taylor said. Tacoma’s Humane Society is now separate from Animal Control, which was not always the case. “We technically qualify as a no-kill shelter,” Taylor said, and then explained that no-kill shelters must have a live-release rate of 90 percent or higher and Tacoma’s Shelter has met that qualification since 2015.

Every mammal adopted from the Humane Society comes with a veterinary wellness examination, sterilization surgery, a cardboard carrier, pet care counseling, and rabbit adopters get to attend a workshop called “rabbit spa day.” That list of benefits is even true for pet owners who adopt for free.

Also on Aug. 19, the shelter will help support Pit Bulls on Parade at Fort Steilacoom Park, 8717 87th Ave. SW, Lakewood,  beginning at 9 a.m. Pit Bulls on Parade is an annual fundraising event that strives to improve public perception of several breeds commonly known as pit bulls. Sponsors also support responsible dog ownership through education, advocacy and rescue.

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