350 Tacoma launches community center near downtown

Puyallup Tribal Council Member Tim Reynon leads a blessing of the space and the work that the community does together to protect the environment.

350 Tacoma has opened up a beautiful community center in a storefront at 311 Puyallup Avenue to take the city’s climate advocacy work to the next level. Already in heavy use for the past two months, the space has been the site of meetings, art builds, coalition gatherings and more. “It was clear to us that the climate movement here in Tacoma was strong and needed a place to call home, so we made it happen,” said 350 Tacoma volunteer Barb Turner.

On Sunday, 350 Tacoma opened the doors to celebrate this milestone and was honored to have in attendance former Puyallup Tribal Chairwoman Ramon Bennett, Puyallup Tribal Council Member Tim Reynon, and Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards.

Over the course of three hours, approximately 80 members from the community joined the celebration.

“It was so wonderful to meet folks from all around Tacoma who are passionate about plugging in and sharing their skills and energy. The community space has this inspiring effect and it brings strangers together over a common goal. When people walk in, they start to dream up ideas for how to help grow the local climate justice movement. We all live here, and we all want to make a difference,” said 350 Tacoma volunteer Grace Hope.

At 3:50 p.m., fittingly, Reynon led a blessing and prayerful moment about the space and the community’s collaborative efforts to create a better world and prevent the worst of climate chaos.

“It felt amazing to celebrate this space and all we’ve accomplished together as a community.  We look forward to this space amplifying our work for real solutions to the climate crisis and for a livable future,” said 350 Tacoma volunteer Daniel Villa.

“In getting this space we decided to go big or go home – scientists tell us that we have less than 12 years to avert the worst of climate chaos, so it’s time for everyone to step up,” said Bradley Thompson of 350 Tacoma.

“We look forward to welcoming the greater community to our new space and hope that it brings new people into climate activism. There is room for everyone in the climate justice movement!” said Grace Hope, another 350 Tacoma volunteer.

350 Tacoma is an independent chapter of the 350.org climate justice movement and was launched in August 2017. Nearly two years later it is still an entirely volunteer-run organization with thousands of local supporters.

“Between opposing the liquefied natural gas facility, pushing for stronger interim regulations to protect the public, caring for our adopted salt marsh, and advocating for the adoption of renewable energy and green technologies in the port, we have a lot of work to do together,” said 350 Tacoma volunteer Daniel Villa.

To watch a video about the space, visit
www.facebook.com/350Tacoma/videos/685897958504067. Also, be sure and “like” 350 Tacoma on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events and activites.


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