‘The Rebel Show’ at Jazzbones to celebrate Americana music across the board


Jazzbones, a popular restaurant and concert spot on 6th Avenue, has been around since 2000. Rachel Hogan, the current owner, has described it as a “destination music spot.” From large bands to local bands, karaoke nights and ballet, Jazzbones covers pretty much everything. It may have opened up initially as a blues and jazz club, but Hogan states that it now “caters to everybody who loves music.”

On June 9, an Americana show will hit the stage of Jazzbones. “Rebel,” a summer launch show, is comprised of some incredibly talented musicians, including Jessica Lynne, Massy Ferguson and Andrew Landers.

Lynne is a country artist originally from Denmark – not a place exactly known for its country music. She discovered the genre while home sick as a child. When she saw Garth Brooks and other 90s country legends on her television, she fell in love. 

Since country music was not accessible in Denmark, she would pay music shops to import country albums from the United States and taught herself how to write and play the music by listening to them. In particular, she would listen to music from her hero Gary Burr and dissect his songs to discover why she loved them. She described it as a “self-study by looking at the greats.” 

Jessica Lynne performs at Jazzbones’ “Rebel” show June 9. Photo by Cliff Lenderman Photography

She later moved to the U.S. in order to play country music professionally. She took lessons from Davey French, a member of the band Everclear. 

Lynne chose Jazzbones as a location in part due to her ongoing nonprofit work there. She works in coordination with Jazzbones as part of the Ted Brown Music Outreach and she additionally produces music for kids every month at Jazzbones.

Lynne will be performing the “Rebel” show at Jazzbones with her new band. Because of the change in her band’s line-up, her sound has significantly shifted. There are more elements of rock, more vocal harmonies and a big gospel sound. This harkens back to her childhood, where she used to sing in gospel choirs in Copenhagen.

For Lynne, country music is first and foremost about storytelling. It is about weaving a narrative and including an audience of people into the experience. 

She explained that, in this show, all of the artists fall under the umbrella of Americana. She described Andrew Landers as “100 percent Americana.” As an artist, his “songwriting is absolutely captivating,” she said, and that he is a “storyteller through and through.”

Massy Ferguson is a rock band from Seattle. Lynne recounted getting to see them perform at the Triple Door on Union Street in Seattle, gushing about their sound and energy.

Lynne also discussed the Tacoma music scene in general. She explained that, in contrast to many other cities, music in Tacoma “isn’t competition,” but rather “collaboration,” thriving and “growing a positive direction.” She explained that working with someone like Hogan enforces that. Jazzbones serves as a prominent and vital music destination in Tacoma. The “Rebel” show on June 9, and its inclusion of artists from different cities, really proves that.

Jazzbones is located at 2803 6th Ave. For more information, call (253) 396-9169 or visit www.jazzbones.com. 

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