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Several years ago, Christian hip hop recording artist Brea Miles, known then as Blaze, was riding high in her music career and getting noticed for it. With help from her talented friends and professional allies in the music business, this Tacoma-based rapper had recorded four CDs that touched the hearts and moved the feet of her ever-growing base of fans: “He Reigns” (2009), “Exposed” (2011), “That Girl Blaze” (2013) and “True Since ’91” (2015). However, her life took a surprise turn mid-2015 when her mom Donna Miles received some shocking news.

“She stepped away from music for two and a half years to take care of me as God healed me from cancer,” Donna Miles said. Her Stage 3 cancer diagnosis shook the whole family, as Donna had no prior warning signs nor a history of cancer in her family. 

“We were blown away,” Brea said. “It was definitely scary. When you hear ‘cancer,’ you feel no hope.” 

That feeling of hopelessness didn’t last long, though, because Brea and her close family turned to each other and to their strong faith to help Donna through, and it worked beautifully.

“The whole family came around her and built a support system and she was able to rehabilitate,” Brea said, noting that the experience had a deeply personal impact on her, too. “She helped develop parts of my character that I didn’t even know existed. It was a two-way street for sure.”

Now that Donna is cancer-free, Brea is returning to music and she feels born again in certain ways with the June 29 release of her single “All God.”

“I’m so excited. It’s my first song to be released in three years and I can’t even believe it’s happened,” she said. 

“All God” represents a major sound for Brea – a brand new, refreshing, big sound, as she described it, thanks to creative input from the talented artists she worked with. It was they who also got her thinking about presenting her music under a new name, to leave Blaze behind and “come back” as Brea (pronounced Bree-a) and she feels very good about it.

“Brea has the same feeling as Blaze,” she said, “hard hitting and with a soft edge.” 

The same could be said for Brea’s music – hard hitting and with a soft edge, one that delivers encouraging and positive messages for the listener over beats that will play in your head all day. This has been Brea’s way all along – to lift people up by speaking her truth, assuring those who hear her that God is always with us in all areas of our life. 

As she explained it, “The big idea for the song is to encourage everyone to enjoy the highlights of your life – just stepping back and enjoying what has happened and what’s to come. If it’s tough for you right now to see God’s hand in your life, He will not leave you and will keep you through the situation. It’s about embracing the moments of your life and finding pockets of happiness. You have to believe it. What are you going to do? Are you going to live it or cave in? No one skates by in life without any issues at all. It’s in those most defining moments that we learn who we are and not to turn our mindset around but to reach the destination God has for us to reach.”

Her lyrics in “All God” testify to this with no doubt, rapped in her smooth style and rolling through rhymes like the pro she is:

Stay in your lane why worry about mine. 

A little lower than the angels and I’m fine. 

Petty convo that’s a no. 

Find you some business and get in it. 

Keep it moving mind and tend it. 

I can’t see you windows tinted. 

I know every blessing come from God above.

People see you moving n they quick to judge. 

I can’t let no hate stop me.

I can’t let no envy knock me.I talked to God this morning, He told me that He got me.

Every step I take, all moves I make, butterscotch with the cake

shrimp, lobster and steak

You know, you know, you know all God. 

Brea says she will be dropping singles through the rest of the year in preparation for a CD in the near future, so keep an eye on her website – – for news on this and upcoming tour dates. Also, follow her on Facebook (Brea Miles) and Instagram (@alwaysbrea). Look for “All God” on June 29 at Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

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