T’wina Nobles will fight for our education


Dear Editor,

T’wina Nobles is a highly qualified candidate for state senate in the 28th district who cares deeply for her community. As a student, I really love how she believes in the importance of education and providing pathways for young people to succeed. There is so much uncertainty right now about what our education will look like during the upcoming school year.

As head of the University Place School Board, T’wina recognizes that schools in the district are struggling disproportionately due to inequities in the funding of school districts. The situation is being exacerbated by the pandemic, as schools are experiencing severe budget cuts, forcing them to lay off teachers and remove important learning, nutrition, and safety programs. T’wina’s first priority as senator is to work with local schools and invest in education for all. She will ensure that they are receiving the necessary funding to provide high quality education and create a plan for reopening that does not compromise the safety of the community.

Go vote for T’wina Nobles! Local elections are so important and having T’wina’s voice and representation in our state senate is vital to the growth of the community! For more information check out https://twinanobles.com/

Siona Wadhawan

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