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Dear Editor,

I am pleased that Congress and the Administration were able to reach a budget agreement this week. It will eliminate the Budget Control Act’s threat of sequestration for the final two years of that law’s effect, providing clarity in federal budgeting and crucial predictability for agencies, federal workers, and all who rely on the government. By providing parity in funding authority increases between defense and all domestic programs, it helps to appropriately balance our country’s priorities. Additionally, this deal preserves the faith in and the credit of the United States by taking the imminent threat of a default on our national debt default off the table for two years.

This agreement is far from perfect and does not include everything I wanted to see in a deal. But with divided government between the legislative and executive branches, as well as between the House and Senate, it is an important step forward. It is also far better than the alternatives of sequestration cuts to funding, increases in the likelihood of a government shutdown, and what would be a first-ever U.S. sovereign debt default.

It is now imperative that Congress turns its focus to completing the appropriations process for fiscal year 2020 to prevent another government shutdown. As I have long insisted, we must also craft and implement a long view budgetary approach that ensures proper support for all the federal programs and priorities our country needs, while ensuring that we are collecting the revenues that are necessary to sustainably pay for them.

U.S. Representative Adam Smith


Dear Editor,

Most voters won’t have a personal relationship with all those running for office. Thoughtful voters go through a process of reviewing the official voters’ pamphlet, considering endorsements from people we respect, etc. The easiest selections are made when we know a candidate personally.
Shelly Schlumpf is the right candidate for Port Commissioner. I’ve worked alongside Shelly and admired her leadership in many different situations. Shelly is objective, optimistic, and always looking for a solution that is fair, equitable, and uplifting. She understands transportation, business regulations, and finding funds to build infrastructure, train our workforce, and create jobs.
When it comes time to cast your one precious vote for Port of Tacoma Commissioner No. 5, join me in voting for Shelly Schlumpf.

J.J. McCament


Dear Editor,

As a Vietnam War veteran of the Air Force, I found President Donald Trump’s 4th of July “circus” to be an insult to not only myself but all veterans. Trump and I lost our student draft deferments the same month in 1966. I did my citizen’s obligation and joined the military, while Trump’s rich father paid off a doctor to claim his son had “bone spurs.” Draft age Americans in 1966 saw this ploy used time and again by the wealthy and well connected.

May I suggest that Trump should have wrapped himself in his country’s uniform in 1966 before attempting to wrap himself in his country’s flag as he did on the 4th of July! A performance, but one we have all become to expect from this disgraceful coward.

William F. Johnston

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