Letter to the Editor: Liza Morado


Dear Editor,

Whoever does Melania Trump’s public relations is truly incompetent or is possibly her personal image genius. Here she is going to Texas to show concern and she wears a jacket that says “I don’t really care, do you?” The point is she doesn’t really care and she is sure the rest of America doesn’t either. There had to have been some deliberate decisions because she doesn’t normally choose cheap clothes. This was just another heartless Trump grandstanding stunt with instant messaging. How did she really think this jacket was going to be interpreted, anyway? It was just as bad when she visited Texas after the hurricane wearing stilettos. Seriously? What kind of messages does this woman really deliver? She is so far and removed from this war on Hispanic immigrants, so insulated from what suffering feels like, she can’t help herself. She, just like her husband, is narcissistic and insensitive. This was in your face heartless of her to wear this when she was there. I have never seen a FLOTUS ever wear clothing with a message printed on it about anything and nothing historically as low as this. Ever. She must have gone out of her way to find this cheap jacket. Karma will get her eventually and it won’t be pretty.

Liza Morado

Tacoma, WA

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