Letter to the Editor: Willie Dickerson


Dear Editor,

(Re: “Hundreds gather against immigration policies” by Steve Dunkelberger, Tacoma Weekly, July 6, 2018) Caring Americans were out all over the country to protest the separation of children from their families. Protest is step one. Thanks to Congressman Kilmer for joining the group in Tacoma. He is definitely a Congressman we can count on.

After protest, the next step is to speak to our representatives (like Mr. Kilmer) and ask them to take action. This is how the Reach Every Mother and Child Act to end millions of preventable deaths in our world got co-sponsorship from more than one-third of the members of Congress from both parties, including Reps. Kilmer, Heck, Smith, Jayapal, Larsen, DelBene, and McMorris Rodgers (Congressman Reichert introduced the bill). Next step for the Reach Act is to call, write, and/or visit our representatives asking them to get it out of committee and passed. This is how democracy works. It depends on citizens just like us. So use your voice and in the coming months remember to vote. This is how we make a positive difference in our country and our world.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, WA

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