Letter to the Editor: Tim Kienberger


Dear Editor,

On Thursday, June 7, Tacoma Weekly printed a puff piece about the prosecutor’s “public safety presentations” replete with name-dropping, a signature drafting technique of the self-described “Zen” lawyer himself. 

No one believes “Tacoma Weekly” writes like that. And, no one cares that the prosecutor has been before a myriad of other public officials except that his mass consumption of public resources on self-flattery should be stopped. His office touts the expenditure of $400,000 from the Department of Justice on elder abuse, but fails to identify even one case successfully prosecuted. 

Vulnerable adult protection cases have appeared with some frequency on the Pierce County docket, but the civil bar has been handling those since the prosecutor’s office will not do it. One of the most prolific financial exploitation elder abuse cases in Pierce County consumed considerable court time and civil attorney’s fees, while the prosecutor’s office did nothing.  

When I questioned why, Lindquist refused to disclose his communications on the subject in response to my public disclosure request. 

The prosecutor’s office now has been wasting even more money defending my public records case in Thurston County, Case No. 18-2-01838-34, claiming his communications are the privileged work product of his office. He will not allow me to question his decision, which I think was politically motivated because the case involved another prominent public figure. 

Everyone knows you use high-profile cases to show strength, but Lindquist refused in this most egregious and clear-cut case. Why? And what is he hiding with refusal to release these records? He needs to be out of office, and Tacoma Weekly needs to stop printing his promotional materials.

Tim Kienberger 
Tacoma, WA

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  1. Mark Linquist is a PRIME example of CORRUPTION! Wake up Pierce County Tax payers!!! You are blinded by his “injustice”.

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