Letter to the Editor: S. Smith


Dear Editor,

(Re: “Puyallup Tribe calls PSE out for LNG work without permit,” TW 12/1/17)

The one agency that is being open and transparent and you have the tenacity to criticize them. The PSCAA regulates air quality based on existing rules and regulations. If they don’t follow the rules of the Clean Air Act, there will be appeals. They are not a safety agency. PSE needs a permit and did not apply for one before beginning construction. While this project upsets some in the community, one of its purposes is to assure ocean going ships within 50 miles of the U.S. shore are burning compliant fuels, not fuels loaded with contaminates such as high sulfur and elevated heavy metals. LNG is not a complicated project having only a few pieces of equipment to permit, unlike companies such as Boeing who have hundreds. PSE has now submitted their permit application and has complied with the order issued under the violation. I hope PSCAA levees a large fine against them for beginning construction without first obtaining an air permit. They deserve it.

S. Smith    

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