Letter to the Editor: Phyllis Bjorkman


Dear Editor,

Write your letter and deliver it. We’ve read some very impassioned letters to the editor – maybe it was yours, or could have been yours. But go a step further and write a letter to your member of Congress or Senators Cantwell and Murray and take a quick trip to hand deliver it to their offices in downtown Tacoma. You could even stay and discuss the issues face to face with them or their staff.

#LettersGetLOUD is RESULTS’ newest way to make use of the political moment to make sure that we make the best use of our letters. Our RESULTS volunteers (non-partisan lobbyists) have had great success with hand-written letters in our lobbying supporting preventing poverty and improving access to health, education and economic opportunity in the United States and the world. Yes, we have also mailed them to their Tacoma offices. Please join us in letting your leaders know what you want their focus and actions to be. You sent them to represent you in Washington, D.C. and they need to know what you think.

Phyllis Bjorkman

Tacoma, WA

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