Letter to the Editor: Marsha Jones


Dear Editor,

This is in response to the recent letter to the editor by the college student who wants Pierce College to provide more parking spaces:

Welcome to the ADULT world. When you graduate from college and get a real job, I’m sure you will experience many days of frustration over the commute or parking. May I suggest a few solutions you may consider to solve your issue:

Could you leave earlier? (Obviously, many people choose this option since the parking lot is full when you arrive).

Could you commute with a classmate or a friend? You really don’t need your own car while you are attending classes.

Could you take public transportation? The cost of a student bus pass is minimal as compared to wear and tear and gas for your vehicle.

Could you drive part way and then either carpool or take public transportation the rest of the way? Park and rides are generally monitored and your vehicle would be safe there.

The extra time you save by arriving early or on time could be used to read or review your lessons for the day. That way you will alleviate some of your stress and will not be an interruption to the students and teachers when you arrive late to class.

If these solutions or others you may come up with do not work for you, by all means champion the cause of more parking spaces. I urge you to do this in an adult and responsible manner. Talk to the administration. Do staff members park in the same lot? If so, could they park elsewhere, leaving the precious few spots for the students? Parking spaces and lots cost money. Find out if the school is able to fund the extra cost. Use your college -learned talents to help write a grant or help with fundraising efforts.

Responsible adults do not wait for others to hand them solutions to their issues. They work productively to find better ways to solve problems and to be proactive in helping themselves and society as a whole. May I wish you the best in your endeavors to solve this issue in your life right now.

Marsha Jones

Tacoma, WA

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