Letter to the Editor: Luca Crouch


Dear Editor,

A few months ago, Hurricane Maria hit the U.S. territory, Puerto Rico. President Donald Trump declared Puerto Rico a state of emergency in preparation for the hurricane. Puerto Ricans lost power, cell phone coverage, and clean water. Despite declaring a state of emergency, it took six days after the hurricane before Trump held a meeting responding to Puerto Rico. It also took six days to deploy the US Navy’s ship USNS Comfort, a hospital ship. When asked to waive the Jones Act, requiring all ships carrying goods between U.S. ports to fly the American flag, it was only waived for 10 days; further limiting access.

The U.S. government should react quickly and as proactively as possible; to something as devastating as a category five hurricane devastating a territory. While it is an island, which does slow down the arrival rate of supplies, the disaster response team should have reacted with more urgency than it had. Leaving U.S. citizens stranded with no clean water or power isn’t how the U.S. typically reacts to a disaster; nor, should it. The U.S. government should’ve proactively responded faster to assist the residents of Puerto Rico to rebuild their infrastructure.

Luca Crouch

Pierce College student

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