Letter to the Editor: Kathy Hewitt


Dear Editor,

Thank you for the full page ad supporting a cleaner and safer Tacoma and educating the public on the dangers of an LNG plant at the port. Our community needs media that does not play politics or allow big business like PSE to control what is written. Thanks for doing your research! Also, if there is a way to help your paper with a donation, please let me know. You are the type of media I’ve been looking to for unbiased news in our community.

Kathy Hewitt
Tacoma, WA

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  1. Got to say I do have a beef with city hall and Woodards. She often dozed at meetings where citizens were explaining the public safety hazards and increased air pollution that will be caused by the PSE-LNG plant! Now, she maintains that she always gets satisfactory answers to her questions from PSE officials. Trouble is, she doesn’t know enough to ask the most important questions,. She doesn’t insist on straight answers from PSE because she didn’t care enough to hear the complaining citizens. She either doesn’t care what the citizens care about or she never listened and comprehended their complaints!. Voting for Woodards will lead Tacoma back to its polluted and unhealthy past: Ron Morrison

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