Letter to the Editor: Joan K. Mell


Dear Editor,

(Re: “Donor death threats and deleted emails – weird politics in Pierce County,” guest opinion by Glen Morgan, 7/13/18).

Here are the reasons why I support Mary Robnett and why everyone in Pierce County should reject the ramblings of your guest opinion author and vote for HER:

    • Mary Robnett has never falsely accused a witness of dishonesty, but he has. When Pierce County’s Prosecutor claims a win against Detective Ames, the Prosecutor is really saying he can fabricate false accusations of dishonesty against a law enforcement officer and claim prosecutorial immunity, a legal defense for him to lie and get away with it. Pierce County’s Prosecutor has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to set legal precedent for himself to the detriment of law enforcement officers and other criminal justice advocates who attempt to make the community safer by telling the truth.
    • Mary Robnett turned over her work-related text messages, while he continues to approach $1 million in taxpayer expenditures to hide his work related text messages.
    • Mary Robnett is a better trial lawyer with more contributions and more endorsements from judges, lawyers, and law enforcement than any other prosecutor ever, while he relies predominately on a Republican consultant, and subordinates or others who fear losing their special appointments or other protections he threatens to withhold.
    • Mary Robnett deals in fact, not fiction. She does not have a literary alter ego, while he created one who has slept with 500 women whose names he identifies on a list in the pages of his paperback, which he brags about in interviews. She does not exploit her family members in her campaign, while he uses his daughter as a campaign prop.
    • Mary Robnett respects her colleagues to include her adversaries, which explains why she has broad based endorsements among bipartisan parties, civil and criminal attorneys, and has been endorsed by law enforcement officers (Tacoma, Pierce County, State Patrol) to include Glenda Nissen. He is vindictive, having achieved an unprecedented dismissal of a child sex abuse case for vindictive prosecution. He is disrespectful referencing colleagues who oppose him as a “confederacy of dunces.”
    • Mary Robnett has a successful track record protecting the citizens of Pierce County, while he has put the community at risk with more reversed convictions than any other prosecutor in the entire state.
    • Mary Robnett is an experienced administrator who values diverse talents. He desires female employees who are “cute” or “HWP, meaning height, weight, proportionate.

    When he asked for my endorsement in 2010, he told me Pierce County would never elect a female prosecutor. I think the 253 needs to get rid of him and elect HER because SHE will bring respect back to Pierce County and its Prosecuting Attorney’s office. I say this knowing that when she takes charge, there will be far less work for me to do as a lawyer advocating for the rights of civil servants and others subjected to his abuses.

    Joan K. Mell

    III Branches Law, PLLC

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