Letter to the Editor: Evelyn Fielding Lopez


My open letter to The News Tribune Editorial Board:
Your editorial “Protesting is fine, but where does Tacoma anti-Nazi group go next?” suggests that the Tacoma Against Nazis group “promote understanding, empathy and justice in a non-confrontational setting” regarding hate groups in our city. Wrong.
There are white supremacists in Tacoma, lurking in shadows, instilling fear in our residents. Should Tacomans cringe, but keep quiet when white supremacists (including Tac Town Tattoo owners and staff) hang “White Lives Matter” banners over I-5? Should our children worry about Confederate and Nazi flags hanging across the street from their school playground? Must our communities and neighbors of color wonder if they are safe in our city?

No, no, and no.

The grassroots group Tacoma Against Nazis brings people together to find solutions to these problems. Through letters, protests, talking to neighbors, and information sharing, we will help make Tacoma a city that has no room for white supremacists.
News Tribune, you need to decide where you stand. You have normalized white supremacy and offered sympathy to white supremacist group members. Your Editorial Board should be ashamed. Educate yourselves about what is happening in Tacoma, and diversify your Editorial Board so you serve our whole, multi-racial, multi-cultural Tacoma community. Do better, TNT.

Evelyn Fielding Lopez
Tacoma, WA

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