Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Ndow


Dear Editor,

Colorism is discrimination within the same race. This is a national and global dilemma because it was birthed by racism. Colorism occurs not only here, but in colored communities all around the world – Brazil, India, Jamaica etc. This is an obstacle faced by many black females in society. There is an extreme lack of representation of dark skin females in media. For example, when was the last time you saw one as a news anchor? Though there is progress in representation, we are not being regarded as we should be in today’s society. We are not being cherished as our lighter brothers and sisters. It is often them telling us to abstain from the sun and bleach. Many dark-skinned women are so insecure with their skin that any compliment given falls on deaf ears. All of this affects our psyche and the way we see ourselves and the world, especially young, dark-skinned girls, as they are more vulnerable. As a dark-skinned woman myself, it is hard being part of a community that continually tells you your tone is not beautiful. If given the opportunity, I would start an organization that would bring to light colorism as many do not know their own actions.

Elizabeth Ndow 

Pierce College freshman

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